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lend 22 Aug 2006 01:34

Ushuaia to Puerto Natales
Leave Ushuaia on Tuesday AM December 26 (day after Xmas) and arrive Puerto Natales on Thurdays PM December 28 to catch the Friday Ferry to Puerto Montt? Is this a reasonable objective without driving at night and considering possible weather at that time of year? I will have prebooked and prepaid the ferry so I want to feel pretty confident that there is little risk of not making my destination. Through Punta Arenas or through Rio Gallegos? What should be my destination points for the Tuesday and Wednesday night? Will accomodations be a problem on the 26th? What is the risk that the ferry's will not be operating due to weather or holidays? What are the road conditions (riding 2 up on a Harley)? Leaving Ushuaia on Xmas day is not a preferred choice.

Smellybiker 22 Aug 2006 02:51

You'll be riding like your hairs on fire.

I did that in three days :-

Ushuaia ->San Sebastian (stayed at the ACA place on the Argentine side of the border)
San Sebastian -> Pourvenir ->ferry to Punta Arenas (camped in a hostal garden)
Punta Arenas -> Puerto Natales

Mick O'Malley 22 Aug 2006 09:18

Like Bob says, that's a fair old ride to complete in two days. I rode Ushuaia-Rio Grande which was half good dirt and half tarmac in '04 and stayed at Hotel Argentina, San Martin 64. It's a great place for bike travellers, parking under cover out the back, really good breakfasts and a party atmosphere in the evenings. Next leg Rio Grande-Porvenir (fantastic road) where I stayed at the XXX Video Store Hospedaje; cheapest digs in town.

If you're planning to come back on the Melinka from Porvenir-Punta Arenas make sure that it's sailing on the day you want. There's some rule about no trip on the last Tuesday or Wednesday of the month. Also bear in mind it takes three hours. Although I didn't use it, the Primera Angostura ferry would probably suit you better as it only takes 30mins (I think) and sails about six times a day. The road once you're back on the mainland is excellent all the way to Puerto Natales. There's quite a bit of rubber stamping and form filling before you board the Navimag, so leave plenty of time for that. Don't miss the "Happy Sour" each day when cut price Pisco flows freely and make sure you pack your motion sickness pills, that tub can roll!

There are also HU Communities in both Puerto Natales and Rio Grande that you can contact nearer the time for more info.

Regards, Mick

marker 24 Aug 2006 20:43

did it last april in an easy 2 days, and that was with a snowstorm when leaving Ushuaia....
Ushuaia - Rio Gallegos will be all tarred (well in april only 10 km was missing).
If going via the Angostura ferry, there is aprx 160kms of gravel after entering chilean territory, but in good condition.
I slept over on the mainland, at the old desolated San Gregorio farm, the RN passes through there. In one of the gardens you can pitch a tent.

lend 25 Aug 2006 02:17

Thanks for the information. I have 3 days. The 26th, 27th and 28th. So it is a go. Questions unanswered.
1. There appears to be two routes I can take, with two completely seperate ferrys. Which route has the least chance of a delay, and why? That is the route I want.
2. Will I have problems purchasing fuel on December 26th? Is the day after Xmas any type of a holiday in Argentina?

marker 25 Aug 2006 15:39

Not that much different as a bike can always jump the queu.there is alwasy a corner in the ship where the bike will fit in. But of the 2 the Angostura ferry is the most secure. Crossings every 30 minutes, it is a very short crossing.
Fuel is available every day of the year and december 26 is not a holiday.
Don't worry , you'll make it. the only uncertain factor will be your Harley..............

lend 25 Aug 2006 21:15

Thanks for the info, Marker. Maybe we will see you at the HU meeting. I am fairly certain my Harley will make it. It has got me from Alaska to Panama in the past. I hope your ships have got big corners because this is a big bike.

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