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herbertroelandt 2 Jun 2005 06:50

Take a tent with me or not?
I am planning a trip in South America later this year. Arriving Buenos Aires on 5 October, driving from there to Mendoza, Quito,Bogota, Caracas, Manaus, boat to Belem, than back to BA, to the HUBB meeting in Viedma, then to Ushuaia and back to BA to go back to Europe on 6january 2006.
As I will be driving 2 up on my R1150GS I am thinking if it would be worthwhile to take a tent and the rest of the camping equipment with me on this trip.
Maybe the part north of BA without tent and the part south with tent?
Anybody suggestions?

skip 2 Jun 2005 07:32

Take a tent, i`ve been camping in Bolivia, Brasil, Venezuela and Coloumbia with no trouble, it save`s a lot on hotel rooms. And with the bike you can stay in places that most people càn´t get to.Just remember the mozzy repelent. Hope this helps Skip

madmarco 2 Jun 2005 19:38

Hi Herbert

I'd rather say take a tent with you for the part north from BA. In Argentina you can always find a little hotel or hostel to sleep in (I mean at least every 300kms) if you stick to the main roads. But if you want to go a bit away from the main roads, it's anyway nicer if you take a tent with you.

For example if you're driving up a beautiful valley, discover a nice place at the river, and because you don't have a tent with you, you would have to drive to the next ugly village and search for a dirty hostel...


GlobeBusters 9 Jun 2005 05:12

It is always nice to have the tent with you as it gives you more options. However, if space is an issue and your budget is not, you can travel in South America without ever having the need to pitch a tent if you don't want to.

Twintraveller 16 Jun 2005 03:27

Hi, take the tent, you will find a lot of places where u would love to stay the night, but there is not house, hostel or anything, because its just pure nature. I would not miss it and even in Central america or in Ecuador in the parks or mountains it is great to camp out.

have fun, see u in Ushuaia
Martin and Katja

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