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Gummikuh 30 Mar 2012 02:31

Spareparts to Sucre Bolivia
Hi guy's

We need a new shock for the Wifesbike....
Any good idea how to get it to Sucre/ Bolivia??

Thanks for any good ideas!!!


ffathead 30 Mar 2012 06:56

Could try here: -19.035177,-65.257346. Good moto mechanic, knows his stuff, speaks english. Get there early though, opens 8-ish.

Behind blue doors if closed, knock, no sign.

mika 30 Mar 2012 17:28

shock absorber
Hola viajeros,

it would be good to know what bike she is on and what shock absorber brand she needs repaired.

I just talked a couple of days ago to an Italian/Bolivian rider and he has also problems getting his KLR650 (new model) repaired ...

... so I cant come up with a place to get it fixed here in Bolivia, in Argentina for sure I would tell you to send it to Dakar Motos in BsAs.

Saludos de Samaipata (only a two days ride away from Sucre)


Vorteks 30 Mar 2012 19:09

Anything can be fixed in Bolivia...got my rear shock absorber repaired in Tarija for 12 USD. You just need to meet local bikers who will show you the right places.

mika 30 Mar 2012 21:12

Hola Vorteks, yes you are right anything can be repaired in Bolivia, a friend had his rear shock redone for his Beemer in Santa Cruz (and I am sure it was cheap), only to lose all the oil again after only 220kms .... I am not a local but to find a good shock absorber repair shop for a heavy overland bike is not easy I think, or can you recommend the shop you had yours done to Gummikuh? It would be only a two day ride to Tarija or maybe they can even take a bus. Saludos Mika

Vorteks 30 Mar 2012 21:54

Yes I can, one block away from Plaza Sucre, Suipasha casi La Madrid. This is the chit chat center of local bikers with japanese bikes as well. Now since they are good, they are booked, so it s better to ask in advance if they are willing to check the absorber...anyways, Tarija is on the way to Argentina, so they could stop there on the way to Buenos Aires...unless they got stuck in Sucre.

Gummikuh 1 Apr 2012 22:45

To repair or not..
Hi guys!

Thanks for your ideas!
It won't be easy to repair the shock... Even BMW won't repair it...
I prefer to get a new one, that should last another 100TKM WITHOUT trouble.

@ Mika: when are you back in Salta? We're now in Calama.


Sorry i forgot... it's a R80 GS with a shortend R1150GSA shock .....

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