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Lomaboy 3 Mar 2003 01:49

Spanish Immersion Courses
Anyone know of any good Spanish immersion courses in Mexico/Lation America. Would really like to find an out of the way school, preferably near a beach.

Many thanks,

picaresque 3 Mar 2003 03:10

Try the Spanish Institute of Puebla (www.sipuebla.com). No beach (Puebla, Mexico is inland), but the instruction is magnificent and the town is beautiful.

Lomaboy 3 Mar 2003 04:24

Thanks. I saw this one and the instruction seems top notch but it's $1700. We're looking to spend ~$1K.

We're hoping to pick up a bit of the language for the trip we plan to make...New Mexico>Tierra Del Feugo. We need to save as much $ as we can along the way.

kevinmichigan 3 Mar 2003 04:53

For a very fun beach location with Spanish instruction, you could try Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This town is just inland from the island of Cozumel and about an hour south of Cancun. P.d.C. has great diving, sailing, food, raucous bars, proximity to some Mayan ruins, etc. Spent a few days there taking in the sights and met a lot of American and (especially) European Spanish students there that mentioned several good schools. On the downside, it is a beach resort and would probably be more expensive than some other locations, though the home-stay programs can be cheap(er). Check out for example http://www.playaspanishschool.com/english/index.html
If I were riding south and wanted to study Spanish, I think I'd opt for one of the many programs in Antigua, Guatemala. You would have to swap the sun and surf for volcanos and colonial ruins, but Antigua is utterly gorgeous.

DiasDePlaya 3 Mar 2003 05:04

The other way is to find a lovely Latin girl, who probably will be happy to teach you 24 hours a day.

Ya verĂ¡s como quieren en Chile al amigo cuando es forastero (traditional song)

Jose Pedro Espinosa
Curico, Chile

t0by 3 Mar 2003 19:36

"Spanish by the Sea"
Bocas del Toro, Panama??

y_kiwi 6 Mar 2003 00:38

I did Spanish by the sea in Bocas del Toro as well. Aida is the jefe there and she is awesome. You can stay in the school which is a great pad or homestay or hotel/hostal stay. great bar life, diving, beaches and wooden boats to take you around the islands. a bit too much english spoken though, but you will probably get that at any beachy place.

also cochabamba and sucre in bolivia are good, and argentina is cheap and high quality at the moment, but the exchange rate is improving so move fast.


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