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MattB 7 Feb 2005 19:40

South&Central America - maps
Hi all

Myself and a friend are planning a trip LA - Buenos Aires starting in June this year.

We've got a Garmin V gps unit but would like to take some paper maps in case of problems with the garmin. Can you recommend which maps to get and ideally a supplier? (i'm in the UK)



GregM 8 Feb 2005 01:32

Hi Matt,

I'm in South America at the moment using Nelles maps I bought from Elstead Maps. They're online at http://www.elstead.co.uk/

They've got a bunch of different printers and can recommend the right one for the area (these Nelles ones seem very accurate and usable scale 1:2,500,000).

I've got a Garmin eTrex with their WorldMap on it which is next to useless in telling you where you are. For example I was 15 miles out to see when I reached Ushuaia.


javkap 8 Feb 2005 06:12

Hi Matt
Hi Greg again
In Argentina you can get a very good map call “Auto Mapa” on 1:2.000.000 for all the country in any good gas station just arrive here, also they have maps only for the south part of the country or the north, or any province whit to much details, suitable to use whit GPS. Also they have a web site: www.automapa.com.ar
For the Gps also you can download cartography for free whit more extacness and details
Take a look on the link above:
http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb...ML/000074.html or directly on www.patagonia4x4.com.ar
Only for the south part of South America. If you need some help, please ask me.
See you here???
Buenos Aires.

chris 8 Feb 2005 14:59

check here on where you can buy maps locally.


imho: you really don't need a gps in latin america.


2goose 8 Feb 2005 17:23

I used maps from National Geographic. They have them on water proof paper


MattB 8 Feb 2005 18:11

Hi all

Thanks for the info - much appreciated!

I'll post up nearer our departure time when we know where we're likely to be - would be great to meet up with some of you guys!



chris 8 Feb 2005 22:54

then, why not come along to the hu uk meet on 24-26 june. see link on the left to sign up.


GlobeBusters 9 Feb 2005 23:20

If you go to www.stanfords.co.uk, then you can buy on line maps for Central and South America, often by country (ITMB maps for Central America), as well as maps for the big cities - there are fleximaps useful for BA, Santiago etc.

For GPS, there is Garmin "approved" mapping for Chile and there is mapping for Argentina too, but not Garmin approved. Thru Mexico and Central America, we haven't found anything useful and stick to paper maps.

If you are coming to HU meeting in the UK, look us up as we will be there too.

Kevin and Julia

Ride Far 2 Mar 2005 04:54

I used Berndtson & Berndtson of Germany for Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. Very happy with them -- a glitch of two, but pretty damn good.

Best of all they're laminated and took beating that would have left a paper map shredded. Available on Amazon and elsewhere.

Mike Stone 9 Mar 2005 21:14

For Central America, I recommend the ITM maps that Kevin & Julia mentioned. They have a map for all of Central America if you are just cruising the main roads thru, and they have much more detailed maps for each country if you are doing some exploring. They are also available at Barnes & Nobles bookstores.

DiasDePlaya 12 Mar 2005 03:54

About paper maps for Chile and Argentina I recomended the road maps that sell Copec and YPF in their gas stations.

The YPF map cover both countries and Copec only Chile, but the Copec map was reedited this year with all the updates.

Those maps are really cheap and you can find it in YPF and Copec gas stations.

Ya verás como quieren en Chile al amigo cuando es forastero (traditional song)

Jose Pedro Espinosa
Curico, Chile

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