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Flys Lo 24 Feb 2012 17:18

Rear Shock rebuild - Patagonia-Tierra del Fuego
Hey all,

Currently in El Calafate, Argentina and my shock on my 09 KLR just gave out as I am heading south. Sadly riding a 2 wheeled pogo stick isn't as appealling as it is made out to be, and I would like to get it fixed asap.
Possible options are
  • Punta Arenas
  • Rio Gallegos
  • Ushuaia

Given rebuilding a shock isn't something I would trust most shops with (or even what most shops are capable of), I wondered if you had any suggestions for shops in any of the above 3 towns?


Manolito 24 Feb 2012 19:37

Adrian, today a guy from Canada left with the same problem (klr '07) and here in Rio Gallegos it's imposible to get one, and I think that the same situation is all over Argentina (always talking about new rear shock).

If there is something I can help you with, just PM me (I'm 301km from Calafate) :thumbup1:

BCK_973 24 Feb 2012 19:41

Contact Javier from Dakarmotos he has a reliable shock mecanic.He does good work!Only thing you need to send it with courier to Javier.
I have rebuild my shocks(XR 650L and 55W tenere there!)

Flys Lo 24 Feb 2012 21:11

Thanks for the help guys, Bertrand sent me a helpful PM with the details of a guy in Punta Arenas
Gonzalo Javier Escarete Yutronic Carrera 666
Punta Arenas

I did a search and at least one member has had a shock rebuilt by him in the past (F650), will try my luck.
It looks like my effort of extending the links for the shock to provide it with greater leverage didn't help it.

If I can avoid it, I would rather not go through the time of shipping either a new shock or a rebuilt one, my experience with shipping things in Latin America hasn't been hugely successful.

Manolito 25 Feb 2012 02:06

Adrian, if you are heading to Punta Arenas you are going to "visit" where I live (Rio Gallegos). If you want you can leave some of the luggage in my house so that you don't have too much weight on the rear.

Flys Lo 25 Feb 2012 11:21

Thanks for the offer - very generous of you!
I am planning on going via Punta Natales, and hit Rio Gallegos on the way north from Ushuaia, looks to be the quickest route!

Walkabout 25 Feb 2012 21:18

Take a look at this thread in the "repair shops SA" forum:-

It might be of use to you.

Delbert 7 Mar 2012 22:03

Word to the wise Gonzalo came recommended to me by Mary (he fixed her front forks). My front Damper has gone on my BMW.

He only works weekends so I am told & he certainly wasn't open when i got there - family own an Estancia and he works on that during the week. Be sue you go on sat or sun!

i ended up putting bike on back of a pick up to Pt Arenas in the hope of more resources there - nope! Next stop is Santiago. Bike is handling ok on the paved so not too much of a problem.

Whilst walking the streets looking for him I did find a useful shop "Recasur" - sold a good selection of fuids (mineral brake etc)
sorry but invoice doesn't have their address but it is over towards Gonzalos place.

good luck

zaplaje 8 Mar 2012 01:56

Gonzalo from punta arenas is the best option, he fixed my progressive shock of my KLR 1 month ago, he took 3 hours. One month and 6.000 kms after and riding it 2up with luggage for 1 year... no problems at all

Fernando Costa 8 Mar 2012 13:58

I was going to suggest Gonzalo Escarate, I met him in November and he seems very reliable and resourceful, worth a try. Good luck!

Fernando Costa 8 Mar 2012 14:01

Gonzalo┬┤s email:


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