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Tony LEE 29 Dec 2013 23:54

Paso Río Bellavista
Has anyone crossed at this point recently (Radman - Bella Vista, Tierra del Fuego)

In 4x4 Iveco van and looking to cross from Argentina to Chile.

Also, if it is open and river crossing reasonable, can all normal functions be carried out there - Immigration, Customs and SAG - or do we have to complete some formalities elsewhere


csustewy 30 Dec 2013 02:12

Although it's been almost one year since we crossed at Paso Bellavista, the border crossing formalities were all easily handled right there near the border:
  • Argentine side is a small outpost right at the river (54° 09´ 17" S // 68° 38´ 22" W). LINK --> .::Gendarmeria Nacional Argentina::.
  • Chilean side is a few km away from the river (no specific GPS data, but you won't miss it).
Not sure what SAG is?

Some photos and info on our blog HERE

Tony LEE 30 Dec 2013 15:00

Thanks - sounds good.

SAG is the third tier and the most time-consuming of the three procedures on the Chilean side of each border crossing. The ones with the sniffer dogs and an annoying tendency to relieve all travellers of anything and everything worth eating.

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