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nickc 7 Dec 2004 23:48

One way air ticket to Argentina?
Does anybody know how easy it is to fly into Buenos Aries on a one way ticket?

A number of travel agents seem relunctant to sell single tickets (one even asked for me to accept all responsibility should I not get in).

I have rung the Argentinian Consulate and they say you do not need a return ticket, however they were relunctant to put that in writing.



Jerome 17 Dec 2004 02:38

Find out the exact entry requirement.

For example - South Africa requires a flight out of the country. I flew my bike in but still bought a ticket for:

Out: London -> Cape Town
In : Joburg -> Maputo, Mozambique

as it was the cheapest international flight out of the country.

The airline was happy. If they sell a one way ticket they have to pay for your imediate flight home.

For all the costs, delays, hassles that would create just buy the cheapes flight out even if its from the other end of the country. But make sure, as for Tanzania its not a Dar to Zanzibar flight!

When I entered at CT the clerk looked at my ticket and said where is your return flight?

I said I was leaving the country to go to Mozambique. She looked totally confused and lost and then just screamed.

A boss came running to see what the problem was. After a few minutes of explanation he let me in.

I had all the papers, Carnet, AWB etc with me to show i was going to ride out and only bought it because of their rules (even though id never use it).

It was 40 pounds well spent.



mika 18 Dec 2004 22:22


I flew into BsAs with a one way ticket (01/2002) - no problem in Argentina.

you guys are right, it is difficult to buy a one way ticket and also the check in is not easy.

just explain that you are on a bike and show the carnet and the freight documents, it works miracles. I allways explain that I am on a rtw and show newspaper articles in all kind of languages and the carnet. But check prices with many agents, because maybe you can get a cheaper ticket if you buy return.

enjoy Argentina ;-)

Mika from Namibia


GregM 18 Dec 2004 22:44


I've been quoted a one-way fare with Aero Argentinas from David Grist at H-C Travel (http://www.hctravel.co.uk/nec.htm) - and no mention of any issue getting a one-way ticket.

I'm leaving 2nd week in Jan - when (and where) are you going?


Stretcher Monkey 1 Jan 2005 22:52

I flew into BsAs on 4 October on a one way BA/Iberia flight from London. Bought bike in Montevideo. The woman at check-in seemed to think I needed a visa because of no return ticket, I told her I didn't, she made phone calls, asked if I had $50 a day in cash - NO, I said, but do have credit cards. OK, she said. Officials at BsAs didn't give a toss; "Turista?" "Si" "Muy Bien" - stamp in passport. Gave me quite a scare at H/row though. Ticket from TelMe Global Traveller, Internet. Don't worry, enjoy Argy.

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