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joca1000 9 Apr 2012 14:42

Mechanic in Bariloche
Hi guys

I am on my South America and I just stopped in Bariloche Argentina and had to do a oil change. I had to do a oil change and I had an opportunity to meet Luis Alberto and I have to say. I am really impressed with his work and you can eat out of his shop floor. I find him to be very professional and very friendly too. If you have any problem maybe you should come to him first and he can source the parts that you need saving you to pay for the touris mark ups. He also have the tire machine and the wheel balancing tools.

He is on:
Milinelli 45, Bo Nireco Bariliche

02944-1578 6291
S 41* 07 887
W 071* 16.879

Mentioned to him you saw this post and you were refered by Joca the Canadian|Brasilian traveler.

Good luck



kingkurt 24 Jul 2014 15:39


Im collecting a 4x4 very close to this guy and wouldnt mind getting it checked over - does he speak any english?


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