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scooper 6 Jun 2011 19:48

Honduras-Yaviza, Panama and back to Honduras
Hi guys

3 week trip coming up this week to Panama and back, starting point is La Ceiba Honduras, with 2 KLR's with Honduran plates.
Like to get up to date info about insurance issues if we do not take the Pan American border crossings, where I know I can get them on the spot,
Basically like to go down on the Pacific side and drive up on the Atlantic side, but don't really want to get stopped and loose time on borders, where there is no facility to do this mandatory paperwork. I understand that if I have for instance Nicaragua insurance on the way down, I can use the same insurance on the way up if I within the validity time expiration on smaller borders where there is no facility to process these Custom requirements
So mention me some border crossings for each country of the beaten track
As far as I know all 3 country's south of Honduras requires insurance, maybe in our case Nicaragua, we are exempt , because of our C-4 status, Honduras would be no issue for us


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