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uhrzeiger85 27 Oct 2010 16:28

Honda CD 70 in Brazil ???
Do you know, if the Honda CD 70 (also know as Honda C 70 or Honda 70) is common in Brazil?
Is this modell still in production? If not, when did it stopped?
I've read something at Wikipedia, that the bike is/was popular in Brazil?
Couldn't find some more information at google...
Would be veeeery happy, if you could help me out with that!!!
Regards, Olli

Paulo Assis 27 Oct 2010 23:14

No. There is no Honda CD 70 in Brazil. The most seeing - and a top seller, by the way - is the Honda CG 125. Reliable, just a single cylinder cooled by air, easy, cheap, greatly economical, and you can fix it by yourself, and may find any spare parts anywhere you are. Essencially, is the same bike since 1977. Looks like the CD 70, just a very, very little heavier.

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