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2foilheads 11 Jan 2012 18:59

Good moto shops in Trujillo and Nazca, Peru
If anyone happens to have any moto problems in Peru and you're not in Lima or Cuzco, I found these 2 shops to be extremely helpful. (I'm on a Ural and I had the bad luck to need the tools and skills of decent moto shops on 2 separate occasions within a week or so.)

In Trujillo:
Tecnimotos (no sign)
Av. 28 de Julio, #354
S 8° 07' 08.8"
W 79° 01' 36.6"

Great guys who were very helpful and went out of their way to get me on the road by the following day. Make sure to ask them where the good ceviche place is down the street. A fantastic feed!

In Nazca:
No name, just a moto shop along a street. Not far from the center, on the right side when riding away from the center.
S 14° 49' 51.7"
W 74° 56' 12.9"

I rolled up with a carbon encrusted valve (on the sidecar side, of course) at around 4 PM. The young owner was happy for me to get the head off myself while he had the tools to grind off the carbon deposit. It was funny to watch him get off the valve with a rag covered socket and a hammer.

Anyway, both of these shops were small, but clean and organized. And most importantly, plenty of knowledge and experience to get me back on the road.

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