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cyclist 12 Mar 2012 13:15

Carrera Austral Updates
I am hoping to be driving the carrera austral in a few weeks, but am very concerned about the current protests in the region. Does anyone have updates or links to a good news source?
I would also settle to do the southern most section to o'higgans, skip the middle section with the protests via argentina and the go to chaiten and park pumalin on the northern end. Would this be feasible if I brought all my own supplies (gas and food) with plans to camp the whole time. Vehicle is a tundra/camper combo with US plates.
I really want to see this region but don't want to get stuck or risk my life/truck.

bad babba 12 Mar 2012 15:10

just do it
i did that drive in oktobear last year and no probleam att all just bring xtra fuel normally the locals whil leat yuo trow even whid a protest or what ever sens yuo are a gringo and the mathear dosent concern yuo so just do it its a fantastik drive

ffathead 13 Mar 2012 16:56

Rode up from Coyhaique to Chaiten a couple of weeks ago, had to wait in Coyhaique for a few days for fuel to arrive, and then queue for a couple of hours to get it.

Road to Chaiten had 5 road blocks on it when I went up, all very civilized, you may have to wait a couple of hours but they let you through.

No fuel for me on that road until Chaiten, though Chaiten seemed to be getting a steady supply.

Sweet road though.

Have fun.

Guillaume 14 Mar 2012 01:47

We're in Coyhaique right now.

Entered from Futaleufu yesterday and rode in today from Villa santa lucia. Rode past a lot of blockade but they were all open.

There as a lot of mixed report from locals, some said we will not find gas along the way but we had no problem.

One thing is for sure they are having a meeting today and will decide if they will go on with the protest. we will see tommorow and try to make our way to chile chico.

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