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dunch 20 Apr 2012 04:04

Bolivian exit stamp
Ay up folks, just a quickie.
I've left Bolivia without getting an exit stamp. Is this going to cause me any problems if I go back there?
There was nobody present at the border when I left, just a locked gate which I rode around. Nobody cared at the Chilean side of the border.


Vorteks 26 Apr 2012 18:32

Yes it will, like any other country in the world (the holy days of uncomputerized customs are now prehistoric)

dstehouwer 26 Apr 2012 20:12

uhm, don't know.
We got our exit stamps in our passport, but I cannot remember them having a computer at this particular exit.

Bu yeah, can always cause problems I guess...

Delbert 8 May 2012 15:34


Just tell them you popped out to buy some Fags!


charapashanperu 16 May 2012 03:47

Just might
It's not the computers... it's the fact that they now regulate how many days within the year you are IN Bolivia due to the new type of Visa. If you want to re-enter Bolivia, I would do it at a lesser entry point like Cobija in the north, or the tip of Paraguay. Both those crossings are quite informal. At a little crossing you can talk ($$) your way thru!


cenizo 3 Jun 2012 02:48

Leaving Bolivia by Laguna Verde
Hi, this for future time:

The Bolivian border south of Laguna Verde (from you can head on to Paso Jama-Argentina or to San Pedro Atacama-Chile) is only MIGRATION post (for humans), not CUSTOMS office (for vehicles).

It happened to me at Laguna Verde, the clerk received (he shouldn´t) my TIP, but the bike-exit was not registered anywhere and I had problems when I got back coming from Brazil. They said I should have given back my bike´s temporary permit at ORURO custom office, which is the head office for that area.

Santiago Lema

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