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Old 22 Oct 2009
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Bike rental Argentina

I'm trying to sort out bike rental for a month this december. I've contacted all the recommended bike rental places on the hubb but the smallest bike I can rent is a 650. I've only ever ridden a 250 trail bike so think I'd probably kill myself on anything much bigger! I'm also only 5ft 1'' so my choice of bike is a bit limited. Does anyone know of anyone who might rent smaller bikes anywhere in Argentina?
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Old 22 Oct 2009
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Your best bet would probably be to buy a bike out there and sell it at the end of your trip. If you contact the community in your initial destination you will very likely get all the info. you need, including on renting.

What is your proposed itinerary? I've done a fair bit of riding in Patagonia and could point you at some places to see and stay.

Regards, Mick
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Old 22 Oct 2009
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Buying and selling an Argentine registered bike by a foreign tourist.

Buenos Aires HUBB Community member here. Elisa and I have purchased 3 new bikes in Buenos Aires. 2 bikes while we were foreign tourists here, (USA and Spain) and 1 bike recently as permanent foreign residents of Argentina I am aware of many of the HUBB who as foreign tourists purchased new or used motorcycles in Argentina.

It is legal for a foreign tourist to purchase and register in her/his name a new or used Argentine registered motorcycle. At this time, Argentine regulations prohibit the foreign tourist from exporting (crossing out of Argentina) with her/his Argentine registered motorcycle. There are rare exceptions to this law for which a time constrained...Temporary Vehicle Export Permit is issued. And, some borders are more attentive to stopping foreign tourists exiting Argentina on their Argentine registered motorcycle than others.

I have posted the process of a foreign tourist buying/selling and Argentine registered bike under several threads on the HUBB. Finding the bike and prearranging the purchase and sale, perhaps to the same dealer from which the bike was purchased, would be the way to go.

Honda's manufacturer in Brazil (250cc, 400cc and smaller bikes) or in Argentina (smaller bikes) are less expensive than the imported bikes because of Mercosur trade agreements between Argentina and Brazil. Generally new bikes are less expensive in Argentina than in Brazil, but used bike prices vary wildly.

Any Hondas up to, but not including, the duel purpose XR 250 Honda Tornado are readily available in Buenos Aires. Honda NX 400 Falcons and the 250cc Tornados might require 6 weeks before delivery. Other 250cc Hondas are readily available.

Hope this helps.

xfiltrate Eat, Drink and Be Careful
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Old 22 Oct 2009
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Hi Christine,

I am also looking for information on Motorocyle rental in South and Central America and Mexico as I have around 3 weeks leave to use up before the end of the year.

I have already got some information for Costa Rica and now looking at other countries as total cost (rental + flights) will be a big part of the decision making process in where I end up.

If you happen to find some good info for Argentina then please forward on.

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Old 23 Oct 2009
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buying a bike in argentina

Thanks Mick and xfiltrate for the replies. I think i probably will buy one if I can find a trustworthy dealer.
Xfiltrate - I am going to read through all the information you have posted on the hubb to find out how to go about buying one there but is there a trustworthy dealer you would recommend?

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Old 23 Oct 2009
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bike rental argentina

Hi Cameron, you're basically looking at around 100 US dollars per day for a 650cc and a little more for a 1000cc. Most bike rentals are BMWs. I couldn't find anything cheaper than that.
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Old 23 Oct 2009
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Christy, a special note for you....

Yes, I agree with waterfox that you should buy from an authorized Honda or brand X dealer.

Jorge Nacandakare is the owner of the very first authorized Honda dealership in all of Argentina. His grandparents immigrated to Argentina at the turn of the century by walking over the Andes from Chile. They began with a farm equipment business and when Honda was looking to expand into Argentina asked Jorge if he would like to have the very first Honda dealership in Argentina. Consistently over the years he has won awards from Honda and is flown to japan as an honored guest of Honda to receive his awards yearly. He is a very wise oriental gentleman and I would trust him with my life.

I grew up in Japan and know a little of the culture and have learned that Jorge is very close and consults with the President of Honda South America.... Regional offices of Honda are in Brazil...

If you will tell me the bike you want, when you want it, I know Jorge offers a deal to foreigners to buy back the bike immediately for a % of purchase price. I will personally guarentee the buy back.

The buy back is offered if the bike is returned withh less than 12,000 K and within one year. The 12,00 K/one year means it is still under Honda protection plan (free with purchase of new bike) and the bike has only suffered normal wear and tear. If the bike is damaged beyond what is covered by the protection plan a lower buy back % is offered.

I will get you the exact cost you will have to pay, including registration etc. and advise exactly when you can pick up the bike.

Go to any Buenos Aires Honda web site and see the selection of new bikes offered.
Choose the bike. Let me know and I will get cost and buy back %.

Also fitting out a bike here is easy. Bring your soft luggage saddle bags, tail bag and tank bag and don't forget your helmet, maps , gps camping gear etc... and riding outfit....and you can have the rack work done here expertly in one day and 1/3 the cost of the States and Europe.

Jorge Nakandekare's Honda dealer ship is on Juan B. Justo 7550 in Buenos Aires. GENAMAX SLR AND PHONE IS 4671 2558, and they close for a short siesta during the afternoons. Contact me direct for more info.

There are also many other reputable dealers, but you must get everything in writing and the important factors here are if the dealer can have the bike you want ready the day you want it and if the dealer can get the paperwork processed ahead of time so you can be off and running without an unexpected delay. I know Jorge can do this he has done it for us and many others.

Remember you will have a mandatory but free 1000 K maintenance due at 1000K good news it can be done at any authorized Honda dealer in Argentina. Just plan your tour and make an appointment for the 1000K maintenance in advance.... where ever you plan to be when you turn over 1000K

Thanks for the question back to you.

Eat, Drink and Be Careful xfiltrate

www.Xfiltrate.com - Professional Motorcycle Parking - Professional Motorcycle Parking
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Old 24 Oct 2009
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buying bike in argentina

Thanks for the quick and detailed replies.
X-filtrate - am very interested in going through jorge as it would be ideal to have a bike ready as I only have a month. The only problem is I don't think I could afford to pay for a new bike up front. Do you know if he deals with cheaper second hand bikes. I have looked on the honda websites and I would like a Honda xl 200 or the Honda tornado 250. Whether or not I can afford to pay for a new one up front depends on the price. If you want I can contact Jorge directly as it seems to be a lot of work for you!
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Old 24 Oct 2009
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Buying new or used in Buenos Aires

Christy, no problem helping you. As you will discover upon reading my thread

Buy new or used in Argentina and legally tour all of South America (sticky)

in Regional Forum South and Central America and Mexico....

I am on a course to have the restrictive/ confusing Argentine law/regulation prohibiting foreign tourists from exiting their Argentine registered motorcycle from Argentina for the purpose of touring other South American countries, reviewed by the legislature and restated.

I am collecting data for presentation to the legislature from foreign tourists purchasing Argentine registered new or used motorcycles. 100 Screen names are all I need.

And, I am investigating the possibilities of having the maximum Temporary Vehicle Import Permit for foreign tourists entering Argentina on their foreign registered motorcycle (USA, EU, Britain, etc), from 8 months to one year.

Buying used in Buenos Aires from an authorized dealer is generally less risky than purchasing from an individual. The GESTOR (one who transfers vehicle titles as a business) that works for the dealer, will handle the paperwork. The dealer will have all used bikes documents needed to transfer title.

Posted below is an accurate description of the paperwork involved in purchasing a used bike in Argentina. A reputable dealer will have secured paperwork needed for transfer of title from a used bike. If you buy from an individual it will be your responsibility to secure all paperwork.

The XR 250 Tornado will, of course be more expensive, than the XL 200. Of course you can contact Jorge directly, but consider that his English is limited.

PROBLEM: The used bike market is very brisk. Used bikes that dealers have in stock now will be sold very quickly, and not available months in advance.

Buying a used bike with no the Honda protection plan will affect any buy back options and perhaps your pocketbook, if the bike breaks down.

A new XR 250 Tornado will be $5,000 to $6000 dollars US, final price. I will send exact cost and cost of the XL 200 if you private message me or e-mail at the contact e-mail on my web site.

Would you consider a smaller bike, these are much, much less expensive.

Buying new is easier and less risky than buying used. To buy a new motorcycle in Argentina as a foreign tourist.

Here is an overview of what you will need to do:

Secure a "domocillio" certificate issued by LOCAL Argentine police, you must go to the police station assigned to protect your neighborhood, (your hotel etc) in Argentina.

1. The domocillio costs about 10 pesos ($3 US) and is obtained by providing the police your ID (passport) or DNI and address. The next day, a police officer will hand deliver the stamped document to your residence, where you are staying in Argentina, pension, with a friend etc.

2. Take your passport. and domocillio to your assigned AFIP office, you will have to find out which office pertains to your residence address, and get a CDI which is a tax number for foreigners , not working in Argentina. This will take about 2 hours, faster if you go early. Cost approximately 10 argentine peso.

3. Investigate auto insurance, so after you purchase and your "Gestor" (one who transfers vehicle titles as a business) does the paperwork you can give the Vehicle ID and plate # to the insurance agency and you will be immediate covered, so you can drive your bike home. DO NOT DRIVE WITHOUT INSURANCE!

A foreign tourist can purchase a new or used motorcycle registered in Argentina, Chile and other South American countries, but legally and officially a foreign tourist cannot export, (cross the border) of either Argentina or Chile. I am currently working to have the law that restricts the travel of a foreign tourist riding his/her Argentine registered motorcycle reviewed and changed. You can help. Please see the last posts on my thread:

Buy new or used in Argentina and legally tour all of South America ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page) located and with a sticky, this regional forum.

As you will learn there is a way a foreign tourist can cross out of Argentina with his/her Argentine registered motorcycle, and that is to co-own the motorcycle with an Argentine or a permanent foreign resident of Argentina who has a DNI (National Identification Document) and lives in Argentina).

The Argentine or permanent foreign resident will have to accompany you to the border of Argentina, and "perhaps" secure a temporary export permit.

If you are buying used, below are the documents the seller must provide:

In our continuing effort to bring the very latest and most accurate information to you regarding a foreign tourist buying and then selling a motorcycle/auto in Argentina and legally crossing the Argentine border for the purpose of touring other south American countries, we owe a great debt to Mariano of Motocare.com. Mariano sells and rents new and used motorcycles from his showroom/shop Motocare

Here is the list of documents needed from the owner of a used motorcycle.

1. Título de propiedad original: (Title)

2. Cédula verde original: (Green card, registration)

3. Formulario 08 o Contrato de Transferencia, firmado por el vendedor y, si es que el titular figura como casado en el titulo, entonces tambien por el cónyuge. Esta/s firmas certificadas por el Registro de Motovehiculos (aquel donde esta el legajo de la moto) o escribano publico: (No traslation for this but owner will know...it is a form to be signed.)

4. Verificacion Policial: ( Police check up for possible theft charges)

5. Informe de Dominio: (To check that the seller can legally sell the bike )

6. Estado de Deuda de Patentes, o libre deuda de Patentes: (Taxes up to date)

8. Libre deuda de Infracciones del Tránsito: ( No tickets or stolen vehicle reports)

Do not leave a deposit "reserva" for the bike unless you have a physical copy of each of these documents in hand , or are absolutely convinced missing documents are available and will be provided.

You can have the owner sign an agreement to legally sell the bike to you within the next week or return your deposit. The deposit will be no more than $20.00 US dollars.

As I have indicated on other threads, a foreign tourist can legally buy and sell a new or used moto or auto in Argentina, but can be very risky.

We are doing our best to eliminate any risk involved.

Our goal is to mark the path for those foreign tourists who want to fly to Buenos Aires, buy a new or used moto or auto, register it legally, buy appropriate insurance, tour other South America countries and then return to Argentina to sell or store the moto or auto. And, to do this as legally and as economically as possible.

We are testing the system today and tomorrow. Please post questions, comments and personal experiences on this thread.

There is an excellent description of buying a used motorcycle in Chile posted by lachy and found in this regional forum under:

"Steps to Buying a Used Bike in Santiago Chile"

A very similar post regarding buying used in Chile is found on my thread and and posted originally by jolaglabek.

I will leave it to others to respond to you regarding other South American countries.

Hope this helps and might I use your screen name to help convince Argentine legislature to change the law restricting the travel of foreign tourists on their Argentine registered motorcycles?

Eat, Drink and Be Careful xfiltrate
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