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Margus 10 Jan 2009 13:14

Affordible tyre change in Ushuaia
Often people complain about outrageously expensive tyre change costs in Ushuaia.

Yesterday by accident I found an very affordable place - local biker's club stickers on the window gave me a hint they do motorcycle tyres as well although they were a car-based tyre service.

Very cool guy in the service there with all the tubless-tyre machines working (no balancing for MC tyres tho, but it's no problem - no over 150kph roads here ;) ) and for my tubeless tyres he asked 30 pesos (10USD-ish) each.

Bring your own tyres though, nothing much available here - maybe as an emergency well used ones from previous guys (like me) :)


Av. Magallanes 1029, Ushuaia

GPS co-s:
S 54deg 48.310min
W 68deg 18.875min

Ride safe, Margus

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