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Old 17 Nov 2007
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Accident in Peru, need help Puno or La Paz

I started travelling in Oct. 2006 in Guatemala, solo. spent 9 months in C.A., then a boat to Cartegena and now south in Peru almost all on a motorcycle. And am planning to spensd another year in S.A.

A week ago thursday, In think the 8th of November, I was almost to Juli about to cross the border into Bolivia when some drunk Peruano walking, jumped out in front of me doing 100 kph. I clipped him and immediately went down. Ambulance took me to three hospitals and ended up in the regional hospital in Puno for a week with 7 broken ribs and an infected lung. I am now in an hotel in Puno recovering but still very weak. They tell me my bike and personal stuff is at the police station in Pomata, near Juli (I hope).

When I get enough strentgh to hop back on the saddle, I know my bike (Suzuki V-Strohm 1000cc) is going to need a hospital also. I was pretty shook up the day of the accident and had to leave everything behind. Can anyone recommend a bike shop in La Paz or Puno to do some work. I would prefer taking it into Bolivia if there are options there.

Robbie the adventurer
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Old 17 Nov 2007
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Oooh, more bad news. Maybe you and Irish Kev can hang out for awhile waiting for parts....

I'll have a drink and salute you to a speedy recovery.

There is a bar in La Paz, Joy Ride, the owner might be able to help you out, he is european (dutch, I think) and moto friendly.

I did not know Peruanos could walk 100 KPH.
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Old 17 Nov 2007
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woah dude that seems like a bad spill, much worse than mine, at least i wasnt hurt.
I am resting up in Lima, waiting for parts at the moment. It seems most of the good bike shops are over this way. If you can get you machine over this way i will be hear at least a week. As for suggestions over Puno way I cant help you there yet.

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Old 17 Nov 2007
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sea level

If I were you and you are able to travel I,d get back to sea level asap as you,ll feel a hell of a lot better just being able to breath!Oh yeah and Kevs right all the decent bike shops are in Lima
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Old 17 Nov 2007
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Hey a drunk dude walked out in front of me in Rio Gallegos! I wasn't going as fast, lucky for me. Still broke my clavicle. I remember it well as being a pretty helpless split second before impact. He was fine by the way.

Speedy recovery man. Don't stay cooped up in your room if you can avoid it. It will be painful at times but I remember it being a pretty lonely five weeks for me.
Brennan Dates

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Old 18 Nov 2007
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Sorry to hear of your bad luck - cracked ribs are a bitch.

Bike repairs - the Joyride, run by Dutch Gert, is in Sucre, not La Paz (unless he's opened a second place). Gert will be able to point you to a decent mechanic, but it's a long way from Puno. Have you thought about backtracking to Cusco? Couple of decent mechanics there.

La Paz - try Walter Nosiglia -

Nosiglia Sport
Av. Costanera No. 29 (Calacoto)
Tel: (591-2) 794 904
Fax: (591-2) 771 395
e-mail: nossport@ceibo.entelnet.bo

And if you decide on Lima -
Desert Racing (next to the Honda moto showroom)
Colina 460
Miraflores, Lima
Tel: 447-9718

Suerte, Dan
Que el cielo exista, aunque mi lugar sea el infierno...
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Old 19 Nov 2007
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hey Robbie, hope u are getting better.
Was stuck in Puno for 10 days myself a few months back. You can forget about getting anything fixed here - I searched the entire town - you need to go elsewhere.
For what its worth I have to say that I found Walter Nosiglias place in La Paz to be terrible. On every level of service and honesty they let me down. Too long to go into it - after them having the bike 2 weeks and taking 500 dollars off me I was broken down 3 days later near Puno with all the same problems. When it came to pay them a timing chain had inexplicably increased in price another 40 dollars. Big shop - big money - etc etc ... there are very few options in La Paz - its not a bike town. Parts are rare and difficult to find even for yamahas and hondas. Lima, although a kip, has much better options.
You can send your bike and baggage from Puno to Lima for 70 dollars ( there is a courier company in puno - can root out name if needed) and fly yourself for much the same. ***** Include temp import form for bike when giving the paperwork to the courier company***** ... or bike will be consficated by peruvian aduana at the first checkpoint 10 kms outside Puno.

hope this is some help - if you need a pair of wheels to get around there is a top guy in puno who rents xr250 honda for very reasonable money - contact me if you need these details. Puno is a great town I thought - hope you get to see it that way too, and soon!

best of luck

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Old 19 Nov 2007
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Last February the regulator and alternator went down on my Harley in La Paz, Bolvia. Found a dealer/collector who led to me a good mechanic who works on all the Harley's in Bolivia. Mind you, that is only 20 bikes, but he did a good job of repairing mine.
The point is this dealer/collector is well connected within the motorcycle community in La Paz and could probably direct you to the best shop or mechanic for your needs. The information from his business card is.
Name: Edgar Dennis Ochoa Candia
Address: Calle Panama NRO, 1511 entre Cuba Y Brasil
Fono Fax (591-2) 2225659 - 2222220
La Paz Bolivia

This person only speaks spanish, but he has friends and associates who can translate for you, if necessary

My wife and I found La Paz to be a very interesting and affordable place to lay up for a while.
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Old 22 Nov 2007
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Good luck with the recovery.

I would disagree that there are good mechanics in Cuzco. I don't know who else people found but I couldn't find anyone and they were pretty poor.

La Paz Nosiglias were by contrast cheap, dependable, trustworthy I believe, good basically.

What happened to the drunk?
The Road To Rio - Locokiwi
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Old 22 Nov 2007
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Potato, Potarto - again

re Walter - Ward, sorry to hear you had a bad time with Nosiglias - I've never used the garage, but know riders who have, and their verdict was competent, if relatively expensive. And I know Walter was very good to Ted Simon last time he passed through...

re Cusco - Norton Jeff pointed me to Antonio, and I found him double helpful. And when Dick and I caused ourselves problems by shearing a swing-arm bolt on his GS, the cheery welders and mechanics on the main 'car street' were bang on, helping us drill out the rubbish and fabricate a replacement for chump change.

Suerte, Dan
Que el cielo exista, aunque mi lugar sea el infierno...
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Old 23 Nov 2007
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Thumbs up

I don't know if you are still looking for help but here are my 2 cents.

I wouldn't go back to Cusco. I wouldn't bring that bike to the Jeff's guy in Cusco. The guy in La Paz has a good rep, although I never went to him personally. If you can, find your way to Cochabamba. It is a days ride from La Paz and there is a great moto community there as well as an excellent mechanic who totally rebuilt my F650 now running like new. Also has perfect weather all year.

If you still need help feel free to email me. Is your bike rideable.
Prevously known as JSherm
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http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/tstories/sherman/ I will up date this soon, really Grant, I will....
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Old 25 Nov 2007
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take and look and decide for yourself

I am talking here from personal experience. One bruised rib was very painful, and I was administered some medication for the pain. I wasn't thinking as clearly as usual. Considering you have 7 broken ribs and a lung infection, and are probably taking something for the pain, you might want to consider finding the very best "mechanic" read "Medical Doctor" or someone like "Chamalu" in Cochabamba, Bolivia (if you are into shamans) for your own broken parts.

Regarding transport of your bike to "reputable" repair, with some recourse if repair is not done correctly or too expensive you might try contacting the Touring and Automovile Club of Peru. Reps probably speak better English than we do. Also, these people sit around all day and wait for someone just like you to help. Really. They love to help foreigners...and there is a reciprical agreement between Auto clubs world wide that is described here:

AAA Exchange

Just click Around the World, then click International Clubs...

If you are a member of any auto club world wide, or you say you are: (Now did I say that?)


WARNING: U.S. State Department Travel Advisory in effect for Peru -
Get more information
Touring Y Automóvil Club Del Peru (TACP)

Av. Cesar Valléjo 699
Lince, Llima, 14
(51 1) 221 24 32
(51 1) 221 31 64
(51 1) 221 10 50
(From U.S., dial "011" for all international calls)
(51 1) 441 96 52
(51 1) 222 66 51




Services Offered:

Emergency Road Service
Free first 30 km. with the urban area
Breakdown Service
Towing Service
Technical Assistance - phone: (51 1) 221 10 50
Legal Assistance
Maps and Travel Publications
Fee-based, AAA member discounts may apply
General Touring Information and Assistance
Touring Services
Technical Services
Legal Service
Travel Services
Camping Information
Branch offices located in the following cities:
Arequipa, Chiclayo, Chicha, Cusco, Huancayo, Ica, Piura, Tacna, Tumbes, Trujillo
Due to differences in service concepts and operating philosophies between AAA clubs and motor clubs elsewhere, the level of services you can expect from AAA may not be offered by other motor clubs around the world. Your AAA membership provides access to the best in foreign motoring services available.

I note "rkreveg" includes the abbrivation "veg" are you vegetarian? Anyway. I thought you might be and thus gave you the referance to the shaman above, who has a lot of followers who are vegetarian.

Wow, your Suzuki V- Strohm 1000 sounds great and served you well since Oct 06 and all of Central America. Maybe you could let it rest a little, it might be a little heavy for you, until you repair yourself. Please post report if you contact Auto Club of Peru and if they help you with advice and/or bike transport or legal help with the police. xfiltrate Buena Suerte Amigo
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