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  1. From Spain to Ethiopia & from Ehtiopia to Ukraine!
  2. South Africa to Nairobi
  3. Aggressive confrontations in Ethiopia
  4. Mozambique!
  5. Ouagadougou (BF) - batteries for motorbike
  6. Ethiopian Visa
  7. Shipping bikes across Lake Victoria from TZ to Uganda?
  8. driving with the bike into national parks?
  9. visa Sudan at border?
  10. Serious question about a half baked idea!
  11. Accommodation near Rwanda - TZ border?
  12. Coordinates for N. Namibia & gas in Windhoek?
  13. Upper Brandberg rock art sites (Namibia)
  14. London to Capetown starting in December
  15. East or West - currently in Lusaka-Zambia
  16. 4x4 entering Senegal/Gambia
  17. shiping bike from nigeria
  18. South African vehicle in Kenya. Police clearance and storage
  19. Ebola borders
  20. Nigeria/Cameroon border closed ?
  21. Ebola related travel problems, advice needed please.
  22. A Contact in Moyale Kenya
  23. Senegal / Mali border, any experiences.
  24. Ebola
  25. Cape Town-PE region:Free Storage for 2 bikes??
  26. Northern Kenya Isiolo to Moyale
  27. bike Shipping from Kenya/Ethiopia to Europe - any tips?
  28. Comesa Conmen
  29. Victoria Falls Zambia or Zimbabwe?
  30. 525 motorcycle chain needed in Dakar.
  31. kenya visas at border
  32. senegal visa
  33. Motorbike insurance South Africa back to UK
  34. First ever trip on a motorbike..
  35. border crossing Zumbo/Mozambique to Zimbabwe
  36. Crossing into Senegal
  37. Where to stay for a while in Dakar.
  38. Cameroonian visa available at the border ?
  39. Yellow card insurance
  40. Overland driver needed
  41. CapeTown -> Warsaw trip just started
  42. Ebola status West Africa
  43. GARMIN (AFRICAN) GPS for sale
  44. Kenyan Visa requirements for South Africans
  45. Egyptian visa in Kampala
  46. Registering a bike in Joburg ? ? ?
  47. Visa information
  48. NO visa-on-arrival in Gabon (airport)
  49. border crossing with car not registered in my name
  50. Shipping Land Cruiser out of Dakar
  51. Senegal without CDP?
  52. Namibia: a photographic update
  53. Obtaining visa for Nigeria in Abidjan.
  54. shipping Land Rover Defender from Lomé or Accra to Walvis bay.
  55. East Africa Tourist Visa
  56. Shipping a bike from Dakar to Europe (France, Switzerland or Germany preferably)
  57. USD ATM in Windhoek
  58. Mozambique newsletter - news about Renamo, corruption, etc...
  59. DRC Kinshasa -Lubumbashi info update
  60. Yamaha WR250R x3 in Kenya
  61. Camping in Angola ?
  62. Cape Town (South Africa) motorcycle registration - help please!
  63. Johannesburg SA throug Africa to Italy on my Vespa
  64. Bike storage
  65. Containerspace from Germany to Namibia
  66. Ferry between Tanzania and Pemba
  67. (BMW) mechanic in Brazzaville
  68. Overlandcar for rent in Ethiopia from June 2015
  69. selling BMW in Ethiopia?
  70. Workshop/garage/fitment centre Durban area?
  71. Motorbike Hire Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  72. Motorbike Hire in Madagascar
  73. Anybody crossing Nigeria in around the end of May?
  74. Marienfluss valley to Angola?
  75. Ethiopia visum in Kampala?
  76. Shipping to Dakar
  77. Vehicle Storage in Southern Africa (outside of customs union)
  78. Crossing Nigeria the coming weeks?
  79. Senegal-Guinea borders closed because of Ebola
  80. Chez Alice, Lomé
  81. Bike crate for sale (Cape Town in July)
  82. Ebola virus 70 dead,111sick in Guinea; Senegal-Guinea border closed, S.Leone watching
  83. Chinese bikes in Africa
  84. Border crossings Angola-DRC and DRC-Rep of Congo.
  85. Mali Maps Omatho "Carte Touristique du Mali"
  86. GAMBIA: rent/buy a motorbike or scooter/moped
  87. Shipping to Madagascar
  88. Bissau to Conakry coastal route?
  89. Parc National du Niokolo-Koba - worth visiting?
  90. Antennas / aerials and crossing borders.
  91. Overland SA to Kenya
  92. From SA to Ethiopia with out a carne challenge
  93. Route Nouakchott - Kiffa - Gogui - Bamako
  94. [Across Chad to Sudan]
  95. Where to buy female biker clothes in Dakar, Senegal (West Africa)
  96. 2-3 week stint in Africa
  97. Enter Ghana, no Carnet.
  98. Visas heading north
  99. nigerian checkpoints
  100. Visas heading north. Ethiopia Sudan Egypt
  101. Trans Africa - Internet?
  102. Abuja Sheraton warning!!
  103. Up-to-date Visa & Carnet info please
  104. Bike storage Durban
  105. Heavy duty tubes - Arusha Tanzania?
  106. West African visas in Berlin
  107. Coming into Mali
  108. Nairobi to addis ababa
  109. Shipping from Addis?
  110. Shipping from Aqaba to Djibouti
  111. Budget information, fact sheets and GPS for you to use
  112. Johannesburg: Recommended Hostel?
  113. guinea conakry embassy in the gambia?
  114. Anyone going to The Gambia or through it from UK?
  115. from Lagos to calabar
  116. URGENT!!! Missing overlander- Feared Kidnapping.
  117. Kenya situation (Isiolo - Moyale)
  118. senegal visa - coming from guinea
  119. Visiting Johannesburg and looking for a ride
  120. Convoy for Isiolo-Moyale route Mid-Jan 2014 & Ethiopian visa from Nairobi
  121. Bike parts and servicing in Ghana?
  122. Eastern DRC: conflict regions overview
  123. Crossing the Congo River guidebook
  124. New Years bbq Nairobi
  125. Joburg - Kinshasa
  126. Transport by Air from Nairobi to Germany
  127. Our Worldtour in Botswana
  128. songea road (Tanzania) to coast
  129. TransAfrica – Westcoast – South/North - recent Infos anyone?
  130. Use of carnet
  131. Shipping to South Africa
  132. Buying a bike in Nairobi
  133. Karen Camp-Kenya
  134. Heading north, Angola and DRC visas ?
  135. Free space available in container to Cape Town
  136. Anyone want to convoy with us Ethiopia to Kenya via Lake Turkana east side Dec 2013
  137. Lake Turkana Warning: 24th Nov 2013
  138. French priest kidnapped in Cameroon
  139. Where to find new 21" tyre in Senegal/The gambia?
  140. jungle junction
  141. Africa Route Advice Needed
  142. Uganda visa on land border crossing?
  143. Paperwork needed for Southern Africa
  144. SPANA needs six wells
  145. Cross from West Africa to Sudan?
  146. Old Rally Maps or Tracks through Senegal
  147. Biking in Uganda
  148. Biometric visa in Diema/Diama (Senegal)
  149. Buying a bike and riding through ECOWAS countries
  150. Kenya into Ethiopia
  151. Best method to drive Egypt to South Africa?
  152. senagal visa
  153. What do they eat in a desert?
  154. Customs stamp
  155. Gas stations in South-Eastern Mauritania
  156. Visa/Permit for Western Sahara?
  157. DRC visa
  158. Anyone interessted in driving our car back from South-Africa?
  159. Rosso Border Senegal
  160. Buying a car in Kenya to drive to Namibia
  161. Ferry crossing
  162. Buy and register a motorcycle in South Africa or Namibia - Any advice?
  163. Vehicle Storage in Zambia
  164. Any suggestions on scenic roads south part of Africa?
  165. Crossing from Cameroon to Congo by bike
  166. Visa length for UK passport holders, Moz/RSA
  167. Jungle Junction
  168. Warning about Lonely Planet Thorntree Forum
  169. Cape Town to London - Advice please
  170. 90,000 CFA for sale (Senegal and Mali)
  171. Import Agent for Motorbike in Cape Town
  172. Recent experience to get Angola transit visa in Maputo
  173. anyone been to Burundi Lately
  174. Anyone else completed westcoast Trans 2013
  175. North Kenya Convoy.
  176. Ethiopia to Kenya- WEST side of Lake Turkana.
  177. Setting up a motorbike rental shop in ghana, would people be interested??
  178. Border crossing Mozambique- Tanzania
  179. Senegal Visa Compulsory For All Nationalities July 1st 2013
  180. Anyone recommend a bike mechnic in Zambia/Zimbabwe?
  181. Tunisia-Libya-Egypt
  182. Republic of Congo visa.
  183. info comesa yellw card in Addis Ababa
  184. Visa for Nigeria in Cameroon
  185. No Angola visa in Cotonou anymore
  186. Advice needed on timeframe for Southern Africa route
  187. Long-term bike rental in SA
  188. WET SEASON Cameroon Gabon Congo DRC Angola
  189. Shipping a vehicle out of SA end August?
  190. Trip planning
  191. Unsettling News from Mozambique
  192. Nairobi: Bike tyres available?
  193. Container space from Germany to Namibia / Windhoek
  194. 4X4 Hire South Africa Recommendations??
  195. Long term stroage in Tanzania
  196. Motorbike tyres in Dar - urgently
  197. Good Camping Place, Bobo Dioulassou, Burkina Faso
  198. West Africa: Where to buy a motorbike? Ghana, Togo oder Benin?
  199. Angola vs DRCongo (any recent experience)?
  200. Johanesburg to Lueritz
  201. Malawi / Lilongwe parking
  202. Border Mauritania-Mali
  203. Is crossing from South Sudan to Ethiopia doable ?
  204. Senegal visa
  205. Benin visa at the Burkina border
  206. Where to buy camping cooker in Nigeria?
  207. Selling car in Gambia
  208. Soil Atlas of Africa
  209. Mali
  210. Question about Visa touristique d'entente
  211. Western Tanzania
  212. Shipping 4x4 to Tanzania
  213. Importing a vehicle to The Gambia
  214. Good garage/mechanic in Accra?
  215. Yellow Paper in Lusaka
  216. Omo Valley-Turkana August 2013
  217. Liberia - Ivory Coast | Harper - Tabou information
  218. Ethiopia to Kenya - Moyale Road April 2013 - Visa Q!
  219. Looking to rent a bike in Ghana
  220. Tires in Dakar??
  221. Advice needed on extending Carnet
  222. Selling a Bike and many other Questions
  223. Sesheke border crossing
  224. 4x4 tyres in Ethiopia
  225. Storage for 4x4, Namibia.
  226. Eastern Africa Single Visa - All in one
  227. South Africa: possible to avoid need for a Carnet when shipping in?
  228. Insurance South Africa
  229. Any experience with the Ghana embassy in Conakry or Abidjan?
  230. Danakil Depression - Ethiopia
  231. Good News: Gabon Visas at the Border of Cameroon
  232. Should I stay or should I go? Nigerian visa in Gambia vs. Bissau
  233. Road conditions from Tanga to Dar es Salaam along the coast
  234. Cabinda
  235. Gabon Visa at border with Cameroon???
  236. Calabar - Limbe Ferry Attacked by Pirates
  237. Isiolo to Moyale on a motorcycle - info needed
  238. Nigeria-Cameroon crossings.
  239. Getting offroad/off tarmac in Africa
  240. Mali - update
  241. Is Ivory Coast visa readily available?
  242. Togo seems a good place to get Visaùs esp: the tougher ones
  243. Poland to SA - need some help
  244. 90000 West African CFAs (XOF) for Senegal, Mali etc
  245. Border crossing from Narok (Kenya) to Loliondo (Tanzania) possible??
  246. Cameroon's embassies in Lagos and Calabar - visa processing time??
  247. Know a good mechanic in Arusha or Dar?
  248. Warsaw to Cape Town 2012/2013 on the West Coast just back
  249. Lac Rose, Senegal
  250. Bicyclist Information for DRC/CAR from East