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  1. south to west africa by April 09: ship our car or drive???
  2. Anybody about in Mozambique and SA
  3. Gadgets and Borders
  4. Legality of selling a vehicle
  5. Safety Goma, DRC (Rwanda & Burundi border areas)
  6. Bujumbura - Kigoma
  7. W National Park, Benin, Niger, Burkina
  8. Kenya/Tanzania in rainy season?
  9. unleaded petrol in sudan and in Ethiopia
  10. Nigerian helmets
  11. Universal Joint Landrover - Needed in Timbouctou
  12. Eritrea
  13. Buying a bike in Dakar?
  14. Kiffa to Kayes Bamako
  15. Vegetarian Food?
  16. East coast Egypt-Sudan-Ethiopia-Kenya
  17. Durban's 'Lady in White'
  18. Visa Requirements
  19. Where to stay in Ouagadougou?
  20. Trip from Nigeria to Eritrea
  21. Senegal Import Query
  22. Shipping from east africa
  23. Guinea Conakry president Conte dead
  24. Bamako Tumbuktu ?
  25. Service my Bike in Pretoria
  26. Ghana import query
  27. Niger, 2 Canadian UN diplomats misssing
  29. Carnet de Passage in Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Congo and Gabon
  30. Petrol in Werda, Botswana
  31. shipping parts from the US to Cairo
  32. Drc
  33. Fuel range
  34. Honda XL400V Transalp for sale South Africa, Durban
  35. Anybody travelling from Timbuktu or Bamako to Monrovia in Jan '09?
  36. Vehicle shipping from Ghana to UK
  37. Wanted - 4x4 camper hire S.A / Namibia / Botswana December 2008
  38. Place to stay in Abuja (Nigeria)
  39. Wadi Halfa to Dongola
  40. Motorcycle hire Morocco
  41. flyıng home and leavıng the bıke for a whıle. Whıch country ıs best?
  42. I am in Luanda for a few days getting onward visas
  43. December Namib Desert Run
  44. Cheap hotel near to Joburg international airport?
  45. Best route Kenya to Ethopia
  46. Reasons why you would or wouldn't go via Cote d'Ivoire???
  47. Congo / DRC Border
  48. Boat from Benin to Cameroon or Gabon
  49. Carnet Ghana
  50. Shipping back from Senegal in February
  51. Transit Visa - Angola
  52. Banjul Port Gambia
  53. 4WD for sale in Tanzania
  54. Ghana to Spain by any means
  55. boat out of Accra?
  56. How to sell German Car in West Africa
  57. Nigeria visa in Niger
  58. Bike rental feedback
  59. Botswana Advice
  60. South Africa ?'s
  61. Visa available at the Gabon border?
  62. Sudan ferry Wadi Halfa to Aswan - mid december
  63. It is all being paved!!
  64. Africa Overland Insurance
  65. From Ghana to Spain
  66. shipping the bikes from Accra
  67. Motorcycle Tours in Africa
  68. Namibia - camping, bookings, parks - annoying rules!
  69. Burkina Visa available at the border?
  70. Anyone going in a vehicle to Abidjan?
  71. Best Paper maps for Africa
  72. Carnet de Passage - Senegal
  73. Help on VTE/CI visas in NKT or Dakar
  74. Visas obtaining in Africa
  75. Ouagadougou: Motorcycle Rentals
  76. Banjul to Ghana
  77. South Africa Trip
  78. Whats the latest on Unleaded in West Africa.
  79. Dar to Capetown
  80. Places to stay Ghanian coast.
  81. Vehicle base camp in Dar es Salaam
  82. Looking for 4wd in Tanzania
  83. East Africa to West...dream or difficult reality?
  84. Security for the Solo Biker in Africa
  85. Mauritania Visa at Morocco Border
  86. Angola visa July 2008
  87. update Gabon Congo DRC Angola roads
  88. Southern Africa, Botswana to Zanzibar
  89. Request for help the ol' fashioned way
  90. Entering Senegal with a 94 vehicle
  91. How tough are you ?
  92. Broken leg...
  93. Carnet for Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia.....
  94. What hard currency for Ghana?
  95. Entering Cameroon from Niger
  96. Current state/safety of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ivory Coast
  97. Uk-uganda
  98. ethiopia and sudan visas...?
  99. chain set cameroon
  100. Donkey power!!
  101. 4x4 for sale in Tanzania
  102. Avoiding Angola
  103. Nigerian invitation
  104. Wild Critters! Thanks Nat Geo!!!
  105. YAMAHA TÉNÉRÉ FESTIVAL, Port St. Johns, South Africa, 26.-28. September 2008
  106. sth africa-england west coast
  107. Fatal case of Marburg virus in Uganda
  108. importing bike to SA
  109. Uganda to Capetown
  110. Crossing Africa and leave bike there
  111. Short Bike trip in SA
  112. Port Sudan to Khartoum
  113. Info needed for next leg across Africa
  114. Zambia Embassy in Brazzaville
  115. Carnet for Nigeria? Is it false or new?
  116. Selling Bikes in South Africa
  117. Cameroon-Brazzaville
  118. Mauretania Highway built by who?
  119. Questions on traveling through western africa...
  120. Tarmac from Morroco to The Gambia?
  121. Etosha - Take Your Bike Through the Park!
  122. Fuel range East Africa
  123. 4x4 vehicle for sale in Africa
  124. Cameroon Brake Pads
  125. Gabon to Namibia November 08 or Januar 09
  126. Guinea Conakry, military on strike, some dead
  127. Cameroon Insurance
  128. 3rd Party motor insurance in South Africa/Namibia
  129. Spares in Mali
  130. silly but fun I love africa
  131. 1st Trip Report - Barcelona to Capetown on 2 XT225s
  132. South Africa: Temporary Residents Permit (for UK nationals)
  133. Labe, Guinea to Kankan to Man, Ivory Coast
  134. Choosing a bike for traveling DR Congo
  135. Zanzibar!
  136. Londonistan to Wadi Halfa
  137. Yamaha Shops in Southern Africa
  138. Photos of Trans Africa trip
  139. Dont buy Vee-Rubber!
  140. Guinea Equatorial
  141. Visas for west coast of Africa - South African Passport
  142. Visas for west coast of Africa - British Passport
  143. Gorillas in Gabon ?
  144. Africa Guide Book
  145. Angola experience
  146. Best GPS for Sub-Sahara area
  147. Dar Es Salaam
  148. Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire
  149. In Addis and heading south....Turkana?
  150. Secure parking in West Africa
  151. Route Requested for Trans-Africa
  152. nigerian money going cheap
  153. west africa freebies
  154. if i can help
  155. Morroco to South africa- Which way to go!
  156. Guinea Conakry new strike announced?
  157. Angola guide book?
  158. Crossing Cameroon
  159. West Africa Gas Shortage
  160. Selling car in Luanda or Libreville
  161. Advice on Joburg trip
  162. Any recent info on Djibouti/Ethiopia/Sudan/Egipt?
  163. Any up to date information on how an American can get a visa for Sudan?
  164. sell moto in west africa
  165. bordercrossing mori-mali
  166. Not so much sand dunes but a bit greener
  167. angola transit visa from namibia.
  168. sesriem-sossuvlei by motorbike?
  169. Carnet de passage
  170. Carnet de passage
  171. carnet de passage senegal
  172. Eastern DRTStorage in Kampala
  173. Tyres in Namibia?
  174. Has anyone taught in Anglophone sub-Saharan Africa?
  175. Senegal from Mali (passavant)
  176. Namibian 'off piste'
  177. Angola visa issues
  178. Registered charity needs a car!
  179. Registered charity needs a car!
  180. Khartoum to Cairo
  181. From Lagos to Cameroon
  182. Kenya news
  183. Mpumalanga
  184. Crossing Northern C. D'Ivoire
  185. Tanzania and Mocambique....
  186. N I G E R
  187. Travel through Chad/CAR
  188. London to Cape Town in 3/4 months?
  189. vehicle stamped in passport? (Cameroon)
  190. Guinea / Mali Visas at borders?? VTE etc.
  191. howto: Aswan to wadi halfa ferry
  192. Angola Visa!!??
  193. Low octane fuel in Africa
  194. Mixed feelings in Mali
  195. guide for Mali/Dogon
  196. NO carnet needed for these countries!
  197. East Africa to Capetown via??
  198. cost of weed in west africa
  199. Staying in countries longer than tourist visa allows
  200. Visa for CAR in Cameroon?
  201. FYI: Visa and border info for Canadians. South Africa to East Africa route
  202. What's the score with Lonely Planet's budgets in the Africa guide?
  203. Safest/fastest route through Nigeria to Cameroon
  204. carnet in southern africa
  205. Ferry from Asswan to Wadi Halfa, Sudan
  206. Are you in Kenya?
  207. Guinea, Conakry, new strike 10th of Jan
  208. Backpacking around Africa. Advice on budget.
  209. Roads in Guinea
  210. Do I need anti-malarial out of season?
  211. sea transport to africa
  212. "List of Doom"
  213. Tour operators in Namibia
  214. Where are the diamonds? CAR, DRC, FCO, BBC
  215. Guinea Embassy, Bamako.
  216. Nile route sudan?
  217. Best way to get from Bamako to Dakar? Train or taxis?
  218. Anyone near Niger?
  219. Visa/Invitation for access to Nigeria
  220. south of Tchad now.............
  221. Buying a bike in South Africa
  222. Senegal river ferry east of Rosso ?
  223. Special christmas spot Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon
  224. Anyone heading south from Mali at moment?
  225. 3-week Atlantic Route One Wayer
  226. Tanzania - Game Parks & Reserves
  227. 4X4 for sale in December
  228. Mauri, Senegal & Gambia by motorbike: Carnet & Visas?
  229. GPS points
  230. Border between Sudan and Uganda
  231. Where should I visit in Senegal and The Gambia?
  232. Kaedi, Mbout Kayes?
  233. Companions for Niger Nigeria Cameroon February 2008 ; 4 weeks
  234. Ivory Coast - OK or still a problem?
  235. Journey to the equator
  236. Invitation to Nigeria
  237. One way adventure...
  238. Kenya On 2
  239. Rioting in Chad
  240. Sudan/Egypt ferry for 4wd
  241. Disco Series 2
  242. Sprocket for 650 dakar
  243. visum burkina
  244. riding (or other) recent experiences in Guinea
  245. kinshasa to kisangani permit
  246. Are you in Ghana? Can you volunteer?
  247. sa rego non resident.
  248. Ghana 9 month multi-entry visa from Bamako
  249. Nigerian Visa in Niamey, Niger
  250. Mauritania-Mali crossing