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Sam Rutherford 2 Jun 2004 20:43

Yard in Nouakchott
I need a 'yard' in the capital to leave trailers/bikes/Land Rovers etc. for 10 days later this year.

Anyone have any ideas for where I can leave them nice and safe...


todo 10 Jun 2004 16:22

Try "Auberge Sahara", very friendly
and helpfull,new french, belgium, mauretanien management. I stayed there recently for about one week, by far best place I know in Nouakchott

GPS N 18°06.156, W 15°59.824
very easy to find, between the first and second roundabout/petrolstations on the Nouakchott mainroad, left side if you are coming from north.

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ctc 16 Jun 2004 19:51

Going back a few years I stayed in hotel / campement de la Rose in Nouakchott.

Basic, but good location and pretty friendly. There is a yard and I'm sure they would look after your vehicle for a fee.

There was also a friendly old chap with a shafted 110 (he was bequeathed by some French guys - they abandoned it in the desert) who is kind of attached to the place, who loves Land Rovers and is good company if you want an inside track on Nouachott.

roop 19 Jun 2004 08:51

Try Auberge La Dune opp Air France on JFK .
The guy who owns it is an Algerian retired Sahara Guide and full of stories . The Auberge has its own yard .

Sam Rutherford 19 Jun 2004 14:22

Thanks for all those.

I'll follow them up. If anyone else has recommends, keep them coming - safe parking areas in cities are interesting to everyone.

Thanks again though, very useful.


nickt 15 Jul 2004 19:09

Hi Sam,
In 2000 we bumped into Serge Proust of the "Garage de la Croix du Sud". His shop is quite large and I'm sure he could help you out. I have his phone number, drop me an email and I'll dig it out for you.

He doesn't speak a word of English, we don't speak a word of French, but we still had a great time. He's an ex-rally driver, did the Dakar in a Range Rover and also has some record for the fastest drive France to Chad or something, in a 2CV of course!

Take him some good wine, and you'll all have a blast! He'll also service the vehicle for you while you wait.


Nick Taylor
1996 BMW F650
1996 300 TDi 90
1997 NAS D90 ST #685
1998 Camel Trophy 110 CT47

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