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Edith Kohlbach 3 Jun 2012 12:17

Who knows the GPS of Saada tenzah, Mauritania
Hello friends, who can help me with the correct GPS from the auberge Saada Tenzah near Ayoun Al Atrous in Mauritania? The points I have are wrong: N16 39.846 W09 35.450
I checked everything, but no chance.

Whiskey 3 Jun 2012 16:46

I found this in Lonely Planet:

Good news for overlanders: the Route de
l’Espoir (Road of Hope) from Nouakchott
to Néma (around 1100km) is now entirely
tarred, and you can cover this monotonous
stretch in two days.
The first major town on the road to the
Malian border is Kiffa (population 30,000), an
important regional trading centre and crossroads,
where you can bunk down at Auberge
Le Phare du Désert (%563 28 88; tikits UM10,000; a),
on the outskirts of Kiffa.
You could also break up your journey at
lively Ayoûn el-Atroûs, which is a good place to
spend your last ouguiyas before crossing into
Mali. For accommodation, try the unpretentious
Hôtel Ayoûn (%515 1462; s/d UM5000/8000; a),
which is in the centre, or Auberge Saada Tenzah
(%515 1337, 641 1052; r UM5000-8000), about 3km
east of the centre on the road to Néma.
The tarred road ends at Néma, the jumpingoff
point for Oualâta. You’ll find several petrol
pumps here, a couple of modest stores and a
police station at which you can get your passport
stamped. You can base yourself at Complexe
Touristique N’Gady (%513 0900; fax 513 0970;
s/d bungalows UM7000/9000, r 12,000/15,000; pa), a
few kilometres west of the centre.
For more details on reaching this area by
public transport, see p426 .

So, about 3 km East from city centre. Coordinates should be close to:
N 16 39 826, W 9 35 793


Edith Kohlbach 3 Jun 2012 17:16

Hello Thomas,
yes, I had already all these informations. But close is not enough. I really need it exactly. I watched all compounds east of Ayoun, but nothing looks like it.

javierCarrion 7 Jun 2012 10:05

According to go-Overland.co.uk

All Points of Interest

Its on :

lng: -9.5976066589
lat: 16.6629695892
address: Auberge in Ayoun l Atrous
name: Aubergue
country_name: Mauritania


Edith Kohlbach 12 Jun 2012 12:19

Thank you, that's it!

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