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fireboomer 6 Feb 2002 14:53

Where to leave road tyres for the way back?
Going to Marocco in May for a whole month. Out of Belgium I take the night train to Perpignan from where I have to ride down to Almeria. From there I hope to take the overnight boat to Nador.
I am thinking on taking the off road tyres with me and put them on in Nador. Is it a realistic idea to do this on the boat? Or shouldn't I even bother to ask?
I would put the road tyres in storage in Nador (or somewhere nearby). Who knows a good place (person, restaurant, family,...) where I can drop them of?
Any thoughts on this plan?

Ian 7 Feb 2002 02:09

IMHO: I'm sure tyres such as MT21's, Mich Deserts or Conti Twinduro's would last the entire journey, especially as part of it is on a train. Also, I doubt if you'd be allowed to change the tyres on the boat as the vehicle hold is sometimes sealed off, and what if you encountered a problem whilst doing the change?

kitmax 7 Feb 2002 03:47

Hi Fireboomer
On my last trip to Morocco (in a Discovery, via Nador) I used my old (and now balding) Michelin XPC road tyres, as the long awaited Goodrich AT’s hadn’t arrived in time.
I did sand, rocks, dunes, roads, tracks and mountains, some of it quite horrendous for tyres; and guess what? didn’t have a single puncture, or cut, or sidewall damage.
IMHO I think you are taking more care than is needed for Moroccan terrain. If you were doing mud, I would advise differently…
You could change your wheels in Almeria harbour or outside Nador harbour (nice empty street, no traffic, no hassles) but changing tyres take longer. Try a garage (they have them over there) and ask them to keep them for you…
(PS My Goodrich AT's arrived today, hooray)!
All best Kitmax

Kitmax - Traveller
Desert Pictures at
homepage http://www.kitmax.com

Jose Brito 7 Feb 2002 21:20

Hi Fireboomer,

Kitmax is right. I've just return from a trip of 10600kms during 34 days (Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal).
I took Michelin XPC (tubeless) and didn't have a single puncture or tyre damage.

Good trip,

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