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mhoey 19 Sep 2009 11:42

Visas (In Rabat now)

Yesterday I applied for a Visa at the Embassy in Rabat. Due to the Ramadan I do not have it in hand before Wednesday. They wanted 360 Dirham. Is that the normal price or did they rip me of? Like the taxi driver taking me there ;oP

Another question.

My planned route are after Morocco:

West Sahara (Visa for Morocco valid here)
Mauritania (Allready applied for Visa in Rabat)
Mali (If the situation is not good at the following countries below *)
*Cote D'Ivory
Dem. Rep. Congo
South Africa

Where do I get the rest of the Visas. Some of the waypoints on my GPS are old. If anybody have new info on waypoints of embassies or address's. Which ones can I get at the borders?

I prefer not to get stuck due to a missing Visa.

Please help, I will be at the computer for the rest of the day. (Found free Wi Fy here at Grand Hotel in Rabat).

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