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TigerTiger 17 Nov 2012 15:21

Visa situation latest pls - Sudan/Ethiopian from Cairo?
Hi there, I am currently in Cairo and intend to travel south to Aswan to take the boat to Wadi Halfa, but first I would like to be a bit clearer about which embassies I should be visiting in Cairo tomorrow! I've been hearing a few conflicting stories about where is the best place to get my visas and which ones I need at what point. Is it correct that you need an Ethiopian visa in your passport before you apply for a Sudanese? Is a LOI still required for Sudan? And does anyone know how quickly you can get a visa in Aswan? If anyone has any recent info on this, I'd be hugely grateful. Many thanks, Claire (UK passport)

the windleys 18 Nov 2012 10:59

This may be too late but Ethiopian visa ask for 3 months it is the same price and you do not nee d a Sudan visa 1st. get this in Cairo.
It takes one to two days more if you are over a Friday.
Sudan visa one day in Aswan $50 Us and no Letter of Introduction neede as opposed to $100 and two days in Cairo. The Emabassy here in aswan is very low key. They extended our visa fo free.
Have a great trip we hope to go on the ferry onthe 19th. May see along the way.

@TukTukTravels 18 Nov 2012 16:03

Again might be too late, but the Sudanese one we already had so just needed altering. We we to the Ethiopian one today and will pick it up tomorrow. Even though they didn't let us through the gate- they seemed efficient.

Although the form suggested otherwise visas seemed to be valid from the date of issue. We went for the 3 month- which was $30, the 1 month was $20. If you don't hear again from us- then all has gone smoothly.

We will be getting the 26th Ferry we hope, so keep an eye out for us if you are on that one. We're not hard to spot as we are the ones who don't have a clue what's going on.

Windleys- SD micro purchased today! head into western desert early tuesday morning. Thanks for your help!


TigerTiger 18 Nov 2012 16:44

Hi thanks to both of you! Unfortunately I went and sorted my Sudanese visa first this morning so too late to abort, but thanks for the tip! Will head to the Ethipioan embassy tomorrow to pick up my 3month.

Windleys, which fixer did you use in Aswan (there seem
To be 2, kamal or Mohammad, or did you find someone else (neither seem to have had glowing reviews) and what has your
Experience been so far? Did you arrive in Aswan a few days early to get things started?

TukTuk guys, perhaps I'll run into you at the embassy tomorrow! Hoping to be there around 10.30ish. Am then also heading off to the western desert but on weds morning in my case, so am sure our paths wil cross sometime!

Best, C

TigerTiger 19 Nov 2012 09:36

One other question - do I take it it's possible to extend the Sudan visa at Aswan? (hadn't realised the clock starts ticking as soon as the visa is in your passport!) Is there a charge attached? Thanks!

itchyfeet38 19 Nov 2012 11:33

We got our Sudan visa from Nairobi as we were coming north so I can't guarantee it's the same.

However, ours had a validity period of two months (ie it said "Valid from 14th June 2011" and "Valid until 17th August 2011"). It also had a line that said "Duration: 2 weeks". That meant we had to get in within the two month period and then had 2 weeks in country. We didn't have to be in and out within the two months. I recall thinking it wasn't that obvious from the document itself - I had to ask.

TigerTiger 19 Nov 2012 14:01

Thanks ItchyFeet, that's interesting. I only took a brief look at mine before I bundled it off at the Ethipioan embassy, but it's only valid for one month and that appears to be the same as my duration of stay allowance (will double check now though!)Thanks, C

@TukTukTravels 19 Nov 2012 16:16

We needed to extend ours in the Sudanese embassy. We had the original from London but had taken a little longer than expected so we went into the embassy in Cairo. It seemed like a bit of a lottery depending on who you got in there. In the end we were fine and it didn't cost us- the guy just wrote on the side of the visa (by hand) saying that it was extended. It doesn't seem like there is anything electronic going on with the Sudanese visa system so I would imagine that as there is an office in Aswan that it would be possible to extend it and depending on who you get and what mood they are in then that will be how much you have to pay!

The embassy closes at 2pm so make sure you get there early if you are going to use Cairo one.


TigerTiger 19 Nov 2012 16:51

Fab thanks Nick! Did you get a tourist or transit visa? Also assuming you're still planning to get the boat on 26th, have you already organised a fixer or are you just going to sort everything out when you arrive in Aswan? Am weighing up if it's possible to leave Cairo early doors on weds am, head thru desert and get to Aswan with enough time to spare to possibly modify my visa and sort tickets/customs. Never a dull moment eh!! Bye for now, C

@TukTukTravels 19 Nov 2012 17:29

26th is a yes. But we haven't sorted a fixer yet. We leave Cairo tomorrow morning but will take a little longer as we are in a tuk tuk. Hoping to get to Aswan on Friday evening to make sure that we get on the boat...

Desert for us tomorrow- very exciting!

itchyfeet38 19 Nov 2012 18:21

Make sure you get to the White Desert in good time for sunset and find a spot for the night. You can pick up a map at the office (small building on your left with a car park) that will show the main trails. They have coloured markers but they tend to start well marked and peter out. Pick one fairly close to the road and I think you will be fine - the sand is pretty compacted. It is the most amazing camping experience - don't miss a night there - it is not the same in the day.

BTW the Black Desert is really nothing to write home about and the Crystal Mountain is a (not very shiny) rock BUT the White Desert overnight is unmissable. Definitely a highlight of the whole trip. After that Dakhla is interesting if you have some time but didn't kind Kharga too enthralling. I'd just sleep where you get to after that.

the windleys 20 Nov 2012 07:51

Hi guys
It looks like we will all be meeting on monday for the ferry. We are in Aswan and have found a resonable hotel Ocheda St george by thomas Cooks on the Corniche. With good WFI There is an Ary petrol staion for fuel. You need to allow a couple of daays to get things sorted.
Chep room around 110/120 we have agreat veiw for 140.Good Location. Ring us when you get in Tel l01158114260 annd we can have a beer.
We are using Mr abouda here but could not get the car on the ferry this Monday so be prepared for that. We think there is a barge on Saterday. We can try and see if there is a place for you both if you want.
Re visa for Sudan it is possible to extend here ion Aswan.The time you have on the visa is for entry. Then Sudan will give you one month when you arrive in Sudan.
We have to get another extension.
Good luck and hope to meet up soon.
Diana and Colin

TigerTiger 20 Nov 2012 08:26

Thanks for your replies Nick, Itchy Feet and Windleys! Would love to be on that boat on Monday but given I'll only be leaving Cairo early tomorrow, not sure how feasible it is to get to Aswan by fri night. Taking the oases route looks fantastic but a long way in km....am riding alone on a 400cc motorbike so not sure if I can make it in time. Will let you know my plans, would be great to get to meet up for a cold one! Good luck everyone and have fun! :-) all the best Claire

itchyfeet38 20 Nov 2012 08:54

Claire, when deciding your route bear in mind that the Nile Road which looks very direct can be pretty slow as you are constantly going through towns. It isn't very pleasant driving.

When we were there in 2011 the tourist police insisted on escorting us for some of it which was really slow as they stopped every 20km or so and you have to wait for the next car to come and take over.

The western desert route is much longer but empty tar with road blocks every couple of hundred km.

In summary the Nile road will be quicker I'm sure but not by as much as you'd think (and is definitely not as much fun!)

Hello Windleys - we stayed at the Orchida St George too (v nice people) and used Mohammed Abouda's services. Good luck getting the vehicles on the barge.

TigerTiger 20 Nov 2012 09:14

Thanks ItchyFeet - yup the Nile route does look pretty intensive from the look of the map, empty tar and the desert sounds much much more appealing! :-) can't wait to be on my way!!

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