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roadmason 17 Sep 2004 15:25

visa for sudan or altrnitive rute
i am curently in Nirobe staying with Christoff (J-J's) once again compleatly rebuilding my f650 GS D ,major main fram wealding, new suspintion, and now rebuilding the engen. chris has a great shop at his gust house so the work is a pleasur and fun(all part of a RTW) and speacal thanks to tom and nick from toueateck usa for all the parts.

i am moving north threw Aferica slowly trying to wait out the sudan crices. i have been denied a visa at the sudan emb. in kenya saying that the are not issuing any land entyey visa for the near futer. i will head up to ethopia and try there in a month or so but at this stage i an not counting on it.

any one have frinds in high places or other ideas to get to Egept?

thanks mason huffine


Toby2 18 Sep 2004 03:22

Couple of things - 1 the Sudanese Embassy in Kenya was always reluctant to issue visas as they were concerned that travellers would enter from Southern Sudan which they want to stop. You may find the situation is different in Ethiopia, in fact very likely.

However if you can't get a visa in Addis Ababa, other options for heading north are to go up into Djibouti and across to Yemen or to Eretriea and then into Yemen / Saudi. Met some Czechs that had come down from Jordan / Saudi / Yemen / Djibouti / Ethiopia in a 4x4.

Hope it helps

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