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Vindi 14 Aug 2002 19:07

Visa for Libya
Hello. Can any one tell me how we can get a visa to get into Libya.There are two of us on XT600s and would like to cross the boarder in Tunisia into Libya.We both have South African passports and live in London.
Do you still need 4 people and a letter to invite you into Libya?If so are there two other people that want to join up for the visa and how do we get a invite?
Chris Scott has talked about Arkno.Do they still ask for US$100 for visa application, US$200 to fix paperwork for the car at the border and an undisclosed amount for a guide while in Libya.
Any help will be wonderfull.

POB/London 15 Aug 2002 00:12

We are 2 riders leaving from London in June 2002, also using XT600 3AJ's. If you want to cooperate in getting a visa that would be great (2+2=4!). When are you planning to go?

We are doing the N.Saharan Maroc-Algerie-Tunisie-Libya-Egypt-Jordan route I think... Email me for more info, or if this would be good for you. If not, post up and tell us how you got on!

Lewis AKA POB/London

Yves 15 Aug 2002 13:47

Maroc - Algeria: quite interesting, where will you cross the border?


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