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jondoe 21 Oct 2002 05:46

Up the river Nile
Hi all!

I'm thinking of ride up to the lake Naser(Abu Simbel) and back to Cairo.

Looks like easy ride.

Eny problems to do that ?


AliBaba 21 Oct 2002 06:08

Not sure if you are allowed to drive at all south of Aswan.

In Aswan you can join the convoy to Luxor. From Luxor you can join another convoy to Hurghada. From Hurghada you can join another convoy to Cairo.
As you can see, the convoy only follows the Nile to Aswan.
It might be possible to put the bike on a boat, which would be more fun…

Good luck

jondoe 28 Oct 2002 04:46

Hi alibaba!

Why is it not allowed to drive south of Aswan,and why I have to join a convoy to drive cairo-aswan?

I was thinking of maybe going on a bicycle from Cairo to Abu Simbel,and back,or maybe back with a boat.
Do u know is it posibile to travel individualy to the south(bicycle,by bus,etc)I'm not informed about the situation and regulations for tourists in Egipt



A.B. 28 Oct 2002 22:28

Ali Baba is right; The Egyptian government, since it depends so much on tourism, doesn’t want to take any chances of accidents happening to tourists whether a normal accident or caused by stupid fundamentalists.

Anywhere tourism is at full swing (Cairo, Red Sea, Aswan and Luxor cities, etc…) you can pretty much do, wear or behave the way you want. But in certain areas in the Nile valley where a strong fundamentalist community exists, they want to make sure you move quickly from one city to the next with police escort. They arrange convoys almost daily between southern cities just for that. You’ll find the convoy drive very interesting http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif, search the forum for more info.

Since you’re on a bike you’ll probably be able to load the bike in the back of one of the police trucks. I advise you to do it yourself and tie it down http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif.

There are no convoys from Hurgada to Cairo. And although not absolutely sure, I don’t think there are convoys from Luxor to Hurgada either. Maybe when there are signs of trouble that these convoys are arranged. But I’ve never heard of a convoy between Hurgada and Cairo. The whole Red Sea area is full of tourists who live and go back and forth as they please.


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AliBaba 29 Oct 2002 19:39

The convoy-situation might change from time to time. But in mid-september this year I went with one convoy from Aswan to Luxor, and another one from Luxor to Hurghada. The police in Hurghada told me that there was another convoy to Cairo, don't know if it went all the way beacause I took the ferry to Sharm El Shaikh instead...

Good Luck

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jondoe 30 Oct 2002 22:48


So is a convoy a 'must'(it is prohabited to go solo) or is it a 'recomendation'


A.B. 31 Oct 2002 01:04

I'm afraid it's a must.


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