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paul_h_001 5 Nov 2012 16:06

Tyres and Fuel - moroc & mauri
Hi, i am currently planning a trip down through morocco, w.sahara & mauritania. To avoid the hassle of carrying spare tyres i was hoping to replace them en route. I have 'heard' that you can pick up replacements as far south as Dakhla in w.s. Has anyone any experience of this? BTW, i will be on an XT660 using standard tyres (will be on tarmac most of the way).

Also, has anyone managed to get hold of any unleaded petrol in mauritania (i have read many conflicting reports about this). I aint too concerned about killing the cat converters with leaded, but the manual says 'other' parts can get damaged by using leaded (has anyone out there fed their xt with leaded? (2008 bike)

paul h

Chris Scott 5 Nov 2012 17:45

I gave my 2008 XTZ a couple of fills of leaded in Morocco but it didn't notice. I think you have to run hard for 1000s of miles on leaded to do permanent damage; in your case it would be a couple of hundred, if that.

As for tyres, save the aggro and leave with a new tyre that will last the whole trip (assuming you're coming back from Mori). On an XT660 a Heidenau K60 (review here) will easily manage Nouakchott and back and be OK in the dirt too.


PS: Welcome to the HUBB ;-)

paul_h_001 7 Nov 2012 09:54

Many thanks
Many thanks Chris for your prompt and informative reply, will take your advice!
BTW, just been reading your books, very helpful and interesting - just a pity that Algeria isnt as open as it used to be, looks like a great place.

DAKARTENEREKEV 11 Nov 2012 18:19

paul h
hi paul , when are you travelling , i am doing similar entering morocco early december? running down thru spain on old tyures and fitting new tkc80s carried on bike in rabat kev

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