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POB/London 6 May 2004 21:29

Tunisia + Insurance = Hassle
Just called my insurance co. to give them the hurry-up on my green card. They have checked my policy, and told me that I don't even have 3rd party cover for Tunisia, so they won't give me the green card. I have 2 questions:

Where else do you need a GC to get into (the more risk-free the better, so I can get the card out of them anyway)?

Is it possible to get 3rd party cover at the border / in La Goulette?


ctc 7 May 2004 02:09

NFU mutual offer a green card for Tunisia. If you want to switch insurers.

Alternatively for approx 25 GBP you can buy it in Tunisia. Just ask around, I personally dont know a place in La Goulette but I'm sure it is doable, if not there then in Tunis or any other large town. I bought insurance in Tozeur a while back.

coolkarim 7 May 2004 02:15

Ive never been asked for it crossing from Genoa.(twice) I just kept my UK certificate with me in case. but I was on a bike. crashing a car might be a bigger deal.

cant imagine trying to deal with a claim...

hope this helps

POB/London 7 May 2004 02:37

Yeah, thanks guys. I've decided to wing it (with the UK certificates) until I'm off the boat, where I will shop around for some over-the-counter 3rd party cover.

One more question:

Do you think I'll be able to 'arrange passage' from Tunisia directly to Egypt (on a container ship or something)? I'm thinking either officially through a Tunisian ticket agent or by slipping someone some wedge in the port and / or crating my bike.


My Libyan visa is taking FOREVER and I have to leave soon, so I may have to save Libya for the next trip (when regs should be easier).

Roman 7 May 2004 02:37


Originally posted by ctc:
Just ask around, I personally dont know a place in La Goulette but I'm sure it is doable.
An insurance agent has (had - when I was there) his shop right at the border checkpoint, at one of the stalls.

Roman (UK)

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