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budapestbamako 26 Oct 2009 23:05

truck available from mali to europe

Village Ventures an English run charity has a right hand drive truck in Mali that needs to be driven back to Europe, preferably to Hungary. It's a mid size Renault truck that will be filled with medical supplies for the 2010 Budapest-Bamako. That truck needs to get to Budapest in November or early December.

The truck will bring a small Toyota Landcruise organizer car back to Hungary as well. There might be room in the truck for one or two bikes, but this needs to be checked.

Please respond if you have some experience on the Mali, Mauri, Morocco paved route and you'd be up for the a return trip.


syncroand101 27 Oct 2009 12:18

Do you need any drivers?

budapestbamako 1 Nov 2009 04:01

it looks like we found the drivers who'll drive the truck back.


kristox 1 Nov 2009 10:59

2 bikes for the truck
I would be very interested to put two of our bikes on the truck back to Europe! We will be in Bamako in a couple of days - please let me know by text if that would be possible on +447887920242. If the truck is already on the move we could alternatively meet you/truck elsewhere in Mauritania or Mali.

Many thanks!!!

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