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Bart 10 May 2002 19:21

to taste real sahara ...
hi everybody
here by this post I'd like to put some light on the topic of "traveling with camels". This is just how ancient beduins used to travel before those bloody ;) 4WD were discovered. Those were the days when trip through sahara took several months, and the time of great adventure during which man could learn about being in desert with no gps, maps, phones etc... and tasted what is to be like to be on his own alone just with his greateness Haul. :)
I know that some of you have already been on a camel trip in algeria, so please tell me what are the opportunities for traveling this way in DZ these days ? (I'm not asking about those stupid 2-3 days camel tours that tourist can buy in djanet or tam). Someday I'd like to go for such vegabonding trip.

I cant wait to hear from you

Sam Rutherford 11 May 2002 01:30

Not planning to walk unsupported any more then?

I would say that your best way is to buy yourself two camels, go wherever you want and then sell them afterwards. I spent 5 months in central Australia working with a camel expedition - definately great creatures and they have a much better temperament than legend suggests.

Just know who you're getting them off - you don't want them to die on you half-way. Also, a little training is no bad thing, but you can learn quickly (and painfully) on the job!!


Bart 11 May 2002 17:14

no, I still go as I planned. In this year I want be able to buy a cammel or two.
(I heard that in Tozer (I guess) one costs about 1000 TND - I dont know how about DZ).
But yes this was just actually what I was asking for - to buy cammels and in the end sell them elseplace.
I'm just interested in such kind of journey.
Someday I'd like to go for it.


Freek 12 May 2002 05:25


Just read a book( True Adventure) about a lady (Robyn Davidson), who made a 3500 km trip with 4 camels through Australia.

isbn nr; 90-290-4144-7

Freek (Netherlands)

GWJ 12 May 2002 17:05

Hi Bart
It is really great to travel with camels. The few ho did it alone in Africa (without a guide) spent a lot of time before with the nomads before they started.
Have a look at their books:
Michael Asher, Werner Gartung,Philippe Frey.
It is not easy to choose/buy a good tempered, healthy, not too old and not too young camel or to find pastures and water. Sources/wells are often hidden, you need a special equipment to get the water.
Maybe in Australia you can rely on the wells which are marked on the maps, in the Sahara you can not.

GWJ 12 May 2002 17:35

sorry - I forgot Carlo Bergmann:
He discovered with his camels the old pharaonic desert routes between Balat/Dakhla and the Gilf/Uweinat in Egypt

Bart 12 May 2002 19:19

sula: Thanks for those names. About ms Robyn Davidson I've read. Very interesting.

I'm gonna search for those books.


RichLees 13 May 2002 18:49

http://www.bbcshop.com/bbc_shop/prod...=1804&shop=bbc and
http://www.sfb.co.uk/speakers/benedictallen/ this guy did the namib "skeleton coast" with camels and, I think, gobi desert with horses. he's well in to exploring and may have some tips.

Charles M 13 May 2002 19:01

Justin Marozzi wrote "South from Barbary", a book about his 1,500 camel trek from Ghadames to Kufra in Libya a few years ago. 2 Brits, a guide and five camels. Worth checking out.

rclafton 23 May 2002 02:33

Its a bit out of area but one of the classics for camel travel is Ariabian Sands by wilfred thesiger (not sure on spelling), journeys across the empty quarter


GWJ 28 Sep 2002 16:29

there is a new page about camel expeditions in Sudan and Egypt:
http://home-2.tiscali.nl/~abaaijen/eng/sud2001.htm and

dwair 30 Sep 2002 03:58

a good book on an unsuccessful west / east crossing by camel ending near Tam - The Fearful Void by Geoffrey Moorhouse.(prob out of print now) A good read but dont let it put you off!!

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