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Franki 9 Oct 2011 11:16

Stuck in Egypt - Help needed to get over to Europe
Two friends of mine are now in Egypt on their KTM 990 ADVs. They started off from Cape Town SA and heading towards Europe and then east to Shanghai, China. They are now in Egypt but cannot find passage to north coast of Med. due to political situation in Libiya. All ferry services from Egypt and nearby countries have stopped operation. They are now looking for cargo ships that still operates accross the Med. to any seaport in Europe. Anyone who can offer info or help please contact:
Miss Fanny Fang
Egypt mobile phone:002 01019932871:taz:

neill.bird 9 Oct 2011 11:54

For two bikes they should be able to get on any boat heading across the Med. Theres surely a local boat that would take them but this will require money/baksheesh. Get down the docks and ask around. If the TV lot can manage this on nearly every round the world trip i'm sure a couple of overland bikers can arrange something. Cyprus is 300miles.....Turkey 400....

There must be some fishing boats or something that do this trip. 2 bikes and two people is hardly difficult to fit or load on a boat.

jamieT 9 Oct 2011 14:18

Shipping or Syria
Not to mention the 80+ bikes and 40+ cars that just completed the Rallyes des Pharaons and are shipping back from Alexandria on Tuesday I think.

Syria seems to remain an option. I haven't read the forums here recently (or the thorntree) but people are still getting through Syria. You can only get informed as much as possible and make your own mind up.

Presumably if Miss Fanny Fang can access her email she can search the HUBB for information on shipping out of Alexandria, it's there somewhere.

It has to be said that Alexandria has such a bad reputation (without Visemar) that I would be tempted by the run through Syria.

grandi 10 Oct 2011 14:50

We just travelled through Syria at end of September, and all was well, we camped just before the border at a service station on the Jordan side, and then travelled through on the highway all the way to Turkey in one day. The country is well sign posted and borders are both 24 hours. We just got stung with Syrian taxes for diesel and insurance. You can use help from an agent if you are worried, i can recommend levant Syria Travel & Tourism

good luck

itchyfeet38 10 Oct 2011 20:33

Alex port is a nightmare. There will be plenty of options to container the bikes - but as far as I know no possibility of accompanying them. Nearest port from Egypt is Israel where you can get a ferry to Italy (Grimaldi). Ferry stops at Turkey en route - no possibility of offloading a car but maybe a bike is possible.

Mehmet Zeki Avar 11 Oct 2011 14:47

Hi Fanny,
There is no ferry-ship line from Egypt or Israel to Turkey....
Next week our club's rescue team bikes will be delivered to Mersin and İstanbul from Egypt...
I talked to the office guys there about clearing customs formalities in Egypt for your bikes...waiting for their certain reply...First reply positive...

If you accept to transfer your bikes to Turkey by ship and yourselves by plane legally, I will send you the details of the office until this Monday(shipping agent in Egypt) so you can get in touch with them..

Hope you are Japanese citizen (visa free for Turkey and free zones) and probably we can get your bikes loaded to the same ship..

At the happy end, our request will be just a thank you in HU.forums...
(Our club has already done similar missions legaly several times)

We sincerely wish you overcome this problem soon and see you on the road again...

Best Wishes
mehmet zeki avar

Franki 12 Oct 2011 09:12

I hope Fanny and her partner will get all these useful info offered and get out of the jam.

Thank you guys:thumbup1:

fangfanny 12 Oct 2011 17:20

Thanks so much everyone!!

@ Grandi: We are very interested in your post that you got through Syria in a day. May we ask:

1) How much was the customs and other fees?
2) how far was it from Jordan border to the Turkish border?
3) What route did you take... and any roadblocks
4)Where did you get Syrian visa? Amman, Jordan? Border?
5) Was there petrol and where?

Any advise warmly welcomed.

Thanks again.

Wadi Lahami 12 Oct 2011 18:50

If you are stuck !
Free camping @ N 24º12.943 E 035º25.503
and the beers are always cold :)
This offer is for all motor bikes going north or south within Egypt.

Mehmet Zeki Avar 12 Oct 2011 22:41

Situations in this part of the world may change so fast and you may not be the one among %0 1 who has been successfull to complete this trip.

Personally ı know many many bikers and in touch with them who are still stuck in the area.

We will not write any more comments for this thread again.

So its better not to take this risk and keep in touch with us or honest and trustful local people recommended by other bikers..

Wish you all the best and safe trips.

Safety First.

Best Wishes
mehmet zeki avar
İstanbul Bikers Club & Search and Rescue Team

lantern 13 Oct 2011 17:20

Maybe get in touch with these guys for information as they seem to have a ferry from Greece to Egypt on their itinerary for next Jan. Could be a charter of course but with about 50 vehicles it's unlikely.
The ERA - London to Cape Town Rally - Route Outline

chiromal 29 Feb 2012 07:57

now feb 29th and stuck in egypt trying to get to Turkey with 4 bikes. Rupert and Fanny have been many weeks. Some people think it is easy to just hop on the nearest fishing boat. Try it!! Not so easy, but any updated news is welcome.

Walkabout 29 Feb 2012 09:46

Check out your thread
For updated news the other thread on this topic is more up to date:-

Endurorally 8 Mar 2012 10:41

Alexandria is a nightmare, as is the paperwork and officialdom to do anything in Egypt. Ships need international permits to go out of local waters - the idea of putting bikes on a fishing boat is more than just fanciful. Customs and immigration will only process an international sailing. Its freight via Grimaldi, and then fly. There are no passenger ro-ro ferries anywhere out of Egypt, after the Venice-Syria-Alexandria sailing went pop last year following the selling off of the ship to work the Spannish islands. It was nearly always sailing empty and inevitable that it will not be able to continue. The London-Cape Town rally with 100 people, and 50 cars, had to charter a ship out of Greece and this was not easy and enormously expensive - (January) and all indications were that a return to anything like a regular sailing for passengers is most unlikely.

Given Syria visas are being issued, is it totally out of the question to make a non-stop crossing of Syria from Jordan to Turkey?

The Egypt border is open into Tunisia - has anyone done this lately?

....Given the cancelling of the ship from Venice to Alex was publicised on this forum last summer, surely nobody has set off from Cape Town expecting to be able to get across the Med out of Egypt easily?

Trumpton 8 Mar 2012 13:23

'The Egypt border is open into Tunisia - has anyone done this lately? '

Dont you mean Egyptian border to Libya??

Yes, I have just got back from UK -Italy - Tunisia-Libya -Egypt - Libya - Tunisia - Italy - UK in my own landcruiser.

Libya wasnt issuing tourist visas, but did it on a business visa,
Also be warned that at Sollum they could not take payment or issue a Visa going into Egypt, they put a stamp in passport & wrote something in arabic but told us that we HAD to get & pay for a visa before we would be allowed to leave the country
The only place we found that we could do this was by going to Cairo airport to get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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