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himba 29 Mar 2004 20:05

south marocco
hi all,

i plan a trip in south marocco : 1 month (15 oct -> 10 nov). I just realize that this is certainly the ramadan period during this time. I think this is not good (shop close, difficult to find food during the day, just few people in activity....). What do you think about that ? I was choosen this period because is not to hot...If i decide to go before or after ramadan what's the best period :

15 sept -> 15 oct
15 nov -> 15 dec


So many places, so little time.....

Toby2 30 Mar 2004 14:43

We were in Morrocco - Western Sahara - Mauritania during Ramadam and it was fine. Yes there are less places to get food during the day but its fine in the evenings so as long as you are making your own lunch during the day, its fine. Found it quite cool to wander up late at night where all the cafes are open in the evenings. Weather was pretty good for travelling.

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