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Budrinna 19 May 2009 09:02

Smuglers of wrekages of L.R.D.G.
Last third week of may at the customs of Ras Ejdir , some part of old truck ’s wreckages, most probably parts of long range desert group 4x4 and other part at the moment unidentified (may be of old plane) plus artefacts have been found hurriedly hidden behind a small wall .Steeps have been already taken to spot the nationality and the trip’s done by those foreign smugglers that certainly left their collection just before theirs cars (should be a good group) were called inside the hangar for inspection after having seen the new procedure.

Budrinna 20 May 2009 10:30

Hi kuno2

Honestly have to say that the crossing off of your post firstly and highly appreciated) looked very strange anyway, and mainly out of any furthers consideration and polemics the request of publication of the pictures, wherever available (but try on local newspapers) would and will never been produced . By other sides the nature of the pieces collected , the place where collected in Libya ( LRDG wreckages are not everywhere) , seems to exclude the work of normal tourists but of specialist in search of new trails. Bikers also excluded as there is a huge clutch carter . The lecture of the custom forms reduced now to a shortest period between end of first week and the second of may will tell more to peoples that works for the safety of Sahara’s Libyan heritage. This is our goal and also our contribute to help and prevent furthers attempts to similar thefts and rock painting damages and the free travel .


Kuno2 20 May 2009 12:55

@ Budrinna; my post was not deleted by me. I was informed that it was not in accordance with the forum regulations.

If you think my assistance to identify the parts could be helpful, you can always drop me a private message or an eMail and we could meet in Tripoli or somewhere else in the country.

Budrinna 20 May 2009 13:50

Thks for yr reply : It was , dear Kuno2 , like we presume at 99%.

Cheers with Mirinda !


Kuno2 6 Jun 2009 14:46

@ Budrinna; unfortunately I did not recognize anything about that case in 'local newspapers' at all. My address to you again and ask you tosend me some photos of the parts found?

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