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wbagwell 1 May 2001 02:53

Sleeping bag for the Sahara
Do people find that a 40°F (5°C) bag is sufficient In the Hoggar mountains (which I asumme is will be the coldest region between Tunis and Agadez) during the October-December time period? I'll have a tent with me, so I'll have some wind protection.


Wright Bagwell

Sean 2 May 2001 04:18

Im just back from the Atlas and used a 4 season down bag (Rab1000)which has pertex outer and cotton inner, the bag is rated as -10 and has been snow holing in the alps. Its an old bag so dont know if rab still makes them, other bags with synthetic inners can get clammy. I doubled it up with a goretex bivy bag for wind protection and slept like a baby. Go for the warmest bag you can get down is the best as it packs small.After a hard day why deny yourself a cosy nights sleep? You can always un zip it if you are too hot.

Sam Rutherford 7 May 2001 15:15

I use an Australian swag. A foam mattress, with sheets (duvet if necessary) etc., all wrapped up in a canvas cover! Very light, just bulky - ideal for the roof! tres confortable!!!!!!!!!!


PS you also get double ones...

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