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camiel 25 Jun 2002 03:29

shipping spare parts into Africa
Dutch motoring association ANWB offer an insurance policy called "Internationale Reis- en Kredietbrief" (IRK) which is basically a vehicle breakdown service for members travelling throughout Europe. The interesting bit to people in this forum is that it includes a worldwide courier-service for spare parts not readily available locally. The annual fee is about eur 45.

I learned about this from the garage who were very impressed by the ANWB's expedience when they recently came round to pick up spare parts for revising a Toyota Landcruiser's transfer case in Zimbabwe. The happy owner has contributed to this forum in the past. Apparently the ANWB will fund up to eur 700 upfront and include an adjusted invoice with the shipment to keep down import duties.

I have no clue whether this sort of insurance exists anywhere else but it might be worthwhile checking out. Also, I don't know if non-Dutch residents are eligible to the above insurance. I could check out if there's any interest.


gozell 4 Jul 2002 21:53

IRK is definitely a good thing, Im taking one with me on me next trip..

On the downside it only seems to be available to dutch resident..

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