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bosvenson 6 Mar 2003 17:17

share guide nouhadibou- nouackchott 20th march
Im travvelling by overland truck form morocc to Mauritania leaving nouhadibou on around the 20th march and looking to share cost of guide 200 to 300 euros. I am meeting a reputible guide on this date (if I am not delayed)

cornepol 6 Mar 2003 22:51

Hi Bo,

Just did it with my motorbike, but without I guide. We found a group of frenchmen on camping ' Baie de Levrier' who did the route 2 times before and had all the waypoints. It was no problem.

You'll find company on this campsite or the other one in Nouadhibou, just 1 km. from Baie the Levrier (don't know the name...)

Have fun!


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