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mikeb8man 9 May 2007 19:03

See anything wrong?
Hi all,

This is a route i have compiled along with visa,carnet and paid guide information. I am a british citizen and the route direction is from south(S.A) to North (France).
Visa info- i aim to obtain the 30 day transit visa (hopefully) for lybia-hence the no guide required for this part. (sudan is gatherd in addis & algeria+niger are obtained through guide company)
Carnet info-from what i can see on this site and others, only egypt and kenya essentially require the carnet
Guide info - from what i can tell, algeria (south from Gharda) & niger (east of agadez) only require guides (*remember i intend to get transit visa for lybia*)

basically, from looking at the map below, i wanted to know if anyone knew of any logisitcal errors i might have made or if visa/carnet/guide requirements might be wrong for any countries....:oops2:

heres the link to the map

Thanks very much-all your advice is much appreciated

Yves 9 May 2007 19:57


for me the entry point into Algeria seems wrong - In Azaoua?
One have to enter at Ain Guezzam. Entry between Chrifa and Djanet is not possible too and I strongly advice against trying it, NE Niger is quite unsafe thees days.

In Algeria the pistes via Amguid and the pistes Illizi - Ain El Hadjadj are not allowed for tourists.

Mauritainia: might be worth to do Nouadibhou - Atar - Chinquetti - Atar - Nouakchott

All best, Yves

tom cruiser 10 May 2007 07:40

regarding Algerian guides - I just returned from Algeria and as far as I know the guide is obligatory if you want to enter the country with your own vehicle no meter which part of the country you want to visit.


mikeb8man 10 May 2007 12:53

Thanks for the great advice,

Tom- thanks for the up-to-date info, think i need to get onto guide companies soon so will get a definite answer there i hope!

"Mauritainia: might be worth to do Nouadibhou - Atar - Chinquetti - Atar - Nouakchott"

Yves- is the above route for mauritainia, the most popular/safe/advisable route, or is it possible to skirt to the north of the country and cross into the western sahara there and straight into moroc?

thanks again :)

roamingyak.org 10 May 2007 13:43

"is the above route for mauritainia, the most popular/safe/advisable route, or is it possible to skirt to the north of the country and cross into the western sahara there and straight into moroc?"

The most popular and safest route through Mori is using the nice and new sealed road. For a bit more adventure take your pick - though perhaps bear in mind that Mori is huge and quite a serious desert country so exploring alone is not a good idea on most of the pistes.

It is extremely not possible to cross from Mori into Morocco, or WS other than the one border border next to the coast, just north of Nouadibhou. Landmines and military all round among other reasons.

mikeb8man 10 May 2007 19:06

Roaming yak-thanks mate for the great info-thinking of "roaiming" a bit in mauri but will have a good look at it all first before....

ag 11 May 2007 08:26

regarding Algeria is confirmed that transfert from South to North (and viceversa) are allowed only by tamrac and the guide is mandatory. No night camp allowed near tamrac.
Bidon 5 is closed.
The 2 entrance points from Niger seems to be both opened but the most used is Arlit-Inguezzam (it's also the bad regarding hassles... 200km of pain)

Entrances between Libya and Algeria are closed to foreigners...

Mori: you can take the tamrac but, from NKC to NDB you can also go through sea side piste... no more used but it's great.
Or, go from Kiffa straight N to Moudjeira, then to Tidjkija (paved untill Tidjkija) and from there to Chinguetti (this leg is a bit strong but local traffic is quite daily).

Entering in Morocco is allowed only along costal border (mines confirmed around... be carefull)

safe sand!

roro 12 May 2007 08:51

" No night camp allowed near tamrac " : We have crossed Algeria in Feb. 2007 and we have camped each night where we wanted beetween Taleb Larbi and Djanet.

donncha 12 May 2007 21:39

We just did a route similar to yours as far as Tunisia. The other post is incorrect to say you must travel on tarred road in Algeria, and cannot camp.
Check other posts on the site from Yves, he knows what he´s talking about.


mikeb8man 14 May 2007 08:05

Denis - thanks for the great up-to-date info...

Quick question though- did you use a carnet the whole way through your trip?
Also were you on a transit visa or with a guide in lybia?
Any info would be great

donncha 14 May 2007 18:29


We did not use a carnet at all, as our route was Morocco-RIM-Mali-Niger-Algeria-Tunisia-Italy, so not required.

In Algeria we travelled with a Dutch couple and Norwegian biker, and they used carnets. The Dutch should be just leaving for Libya about now with a 7 day transit visa. And I read that a SA couple recently crossed, without a guide, on a 7 day transit also. See http://www.southwardbound.co.uk/


ChrisC 15 May 2007 19:28

Hi Mike

hope you get the route sorted - sounds like an awesome trip!!

About the advice you are asking re your route and whether you are permitted into a particular country or not - take the advice of the more seasoned travellers and people who have actually visited the relevant country recently - in you case the more experienced advice comes from Yves and Darrin (roamingyak)

Good luck

Chris C

mikeb8man 16 May 2007 08:30

Denis- thanks again for the up-to-date info...am going to try for the transit visa as pennies are on the low :eek3:

Chris C - cheers mate for the great advice, has taken a while for me to figure out "the ways" of the hubb to get the best info... thanks!!


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