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iel20 12 Apr 2002 02:31

Sat Phone and GPS going cheap

1 MOTOROLA 9500 SATELLITE PHONE Connected to Iridium World Service Network. £450 ONO

1 Garmin ETrex GPS £100 ONO

Ian Linington
email iel20@totalise.co.uk
Telephone +44 1227 769408

The Sat Phone is the old Model from before Iridium went bust. (They have been rescued now and it all works fine.) This model is no longer in production and can no longer be bought in shops, but it works perfectly on the relaunched network and as far as I am aware does everything the new issue handset does.
I think the new issue works out at about £800, so I reckon this is a good deal.

The GPS is in mint condition. It's the yellow one which is the cheapest Garmin GPS unit. These sell for at least £115 on the net/£130 in the shops as far as I'm aware.

Both are in excellent condition.

LandRoverNomad 12 Apr 2002 03:15

What are the monthly running costs of this Satphone? Whether in use or not?

And what does it cost to ring the UK from such a phone?

Thanks http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif


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iel20 14 Apr 2002 03:27

The monthly line rental is £10.70 and to call a UK landline is £0.90 per minute, both before VAT is added.

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