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jthesenag 8 Feb 2011 21:57

Sat modem allowed in Algeria?
Does anyone know what the current 2011 restrictions are for bringing a sat modem through Algerian airport customs? A friend just told me that sat phones are not allowed through customs, and now I'm worried about the sat modem. Any info?

gagarin 11 Feb 2011 15:33

Sat phones are OK. At least that was the situation a year ago.

They don't allow CB (or any kind of) radios and binoculras (!)

Say it's part of a sat phone... or a computer.

FreeCaRveR 13 Feb 2011 16:23

CB nor Sat wasn't an issue in 2008

pylon 14 Feb 2011 08:55

In Nov 2010 the most important question from customs was: "Do you have GPS?" They explain that they have to ask this question, but they know our answer ;)

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