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goodwoodweirdo 18 Dec 2006 17:04

Renting or shipping bike to Marrakech
Renting or shipping bike to Marrakech

HI folks,

March 2007 I have a the green light for 10 days holiday... I'm planning Morocco...

My first question is: Does anyone rent out bikes around Marrakech, needs room for the misses and myself (x2) prefer Enduro but not very fussy...

Second question: Can anyone help with shipping to Marrakech ? (thinking of trailer or van) I know its a long shot, but would be prepared to pay (within reason!!!) and can offer accommodation in Belgium and Malaga .... I have a Africa Twin..

Normally I'll be flying into Marrakech and with limited time, hence why I don't hide it down...

Many thanks in advance


Titbird 18 Dec 2006 19:01

Hello Matt,

Only one I found on internet are:
in Quarzazate.
I'm leaving from Antwerp with the Africa twin late march for a 4 weeks trip through Marocco, together with Tom from Overijse, who I got in contact with thanks to this forum.

Een goede reis gewenst, Tony

goodwoodweirdo 18 Dec 2006 20:05

Beer ??

Thanks for the reply, we should meet for a beer in the new year ? is it possible we met at the HU meeting in September...

Drop me a line if you have time to meet up

Matthew.Mason (at) skynet.be


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