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Huskynose 14 Feb 2009 21:34

Oneway ticket Ceuta - Algeciras
We are planning a tour of Morocco end of March - beginning of April.
We've purchased one-way tickets for the outbound journey from Almeria to Nador.
The return should take us through Ceuta, with a ferrycrossing to Algeciras.
Anybody have recommendations for obtaining the tickets out of Ceuta?

Peter Girling 14 Feb 2009 23:27

Hi Joey,

Any of the touts before the port entrance can usually get you a good deal.
I seem to recall one of our Nederlands friends getting his KTM on a return ferry without a ticket last year...


Huskynose 15 Feb 2009 09:52

Oddly enough, so do I !:oops2:

airhead 16 Feb 2009 22:55


Originally Posted by Huskynose (Post 228680)
Anybody have recommendations for obtaining the tickets out of Ceuta?

no big deal, joey, ride to the port, enter one of the open ferry offices and buy your ticket. i have not tried them all, but as far as i know, they all sell them for the same price, no matter wich agent you disturb.

btw.: almeria->nador is a good choice.

kalikellett 1 Mar 2009 10:09

hi, we've passed through 3 weeeks ago and found all ferry prices (there appears to be a cartel) have risen greatly E151 2 adults and 1 toyota.

easy to find ticket office.

recommend Terifa Tangiers because Tangiers possible to get motor iinsurance. None at Ceuta.


shanereid 26 Jun 2009 08:51

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