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torc 5 Mar 2004 06:24

One day in Siwa Oasis
I was sitting in the open air-part in the front of the 'East-West' bar/restaurant in Siwa Oasis in Egypt, beside me was the owner and we had our red-thea and we discussed the world.., before us, on the street, a extrememly large camper stopped, it was a german camper with absolutely every gadged you can think on the market, the camper did not stopped really, it moved tacticlly arroud the [circle] of the centre of Siwa, you could not see the driver because the dark glass of the car windows, they where like a mirror, and they where "one way" so to speak, we where looking at this 'thing' passing true, suddenly the 'monster-camper' stopped, and a woman came out of the 'thing', she had a large bag of waste in her hands, and she quickly looked left and right, very fast, and choose a spot to put her big bag of dirt just on the street, actually in the middle of the street, really just like that, just a spot on the street, after she speeded back to the super-camper, the whole 'thing' drove out of Siwa fast, I was sitting with my Egyptian friends and we where quite silent after this.
I got really very depressed by this, and did not know how to discuss this with my Berber friends, or how to communicate european values. it was a bad moment.

Richard Washington 5 Mar 2004 15:28

Another posting from Torc on this forum is copied at the end of this message. Meanwhile my advice to Torc: mind out for the cafes (they seem to be disturbing places) and head for the desert:

"I was sitting in the local restaurant in the middle of main street- Tozeur/Tunesia, while Italian 4x4's hit that street with 70 km per hour, Italian flags where put out of the cars if it were a football game, it was absolute terrible, it was really really terrible..., everybody thought the same thing at the same time, this is not okee, 'we' have to do something about this.
What do you think ?"

Budrinna 5 Mar 2004 15:56


Originally posted by torc:
... or how to communicate european values. it was a bad moment. [/B]
Do not be sad. Have seen worse !!

one of last travels south libya... followed for two days a ....jamboree of aprox 20 vehicles (4x4 and small motortrucks ).

presumed were all italians as were mainly italy plated numbers and all stickered with same label ... easy to spott the promotor ?? !!! ) that before entering into cities, El Ewaynat, Ghat, stopped and evacuated regulary all their rubbish close to other rubbish .

So... nothing new ...in how to comunicate..


torc 7 Mar 2004 00:07

Dear Richard, of course you understand I am traveling all those places I have been, In a other century, keep you posted.

Runner 7 Mar 2004 11:31

In my experience in Egypt people often dump litter bags in the street in an obvious place (to be collected by street-cleaners)- *there are no bins* - where else could they put it? I cant remember what I did last time I was in Siwa

Are there street bins there? I cant recall. I doubt it - there arent anywhere else. and Siwa is still a tiny remote village.

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