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Christine 17 Feb 2004 20:27

North by public transport through Algeria
Hardly a new subject, but I am leaving The Gambia for Europe in 10 weeks and hoped to travel through Mali, Algeria and Tunisia. Most official info is saying not to even consider Algeria. Is that true? Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions please?

gregor 25 Feb 2004 00:21


is no problem to use public transport through algieria. im just coming back from tamanrasset through in salah and ghardaia by taxi and minibus. now im in el qued.
taxi are faster than minibus.

no problem to take taxi peugeot 505kombi /7places!/
in cities are special stations for taxi, just ask anybody.
tamanrasset-ourgla or ghardaia for 2600AD =24hours ride. baggage free.

try dont stay in In Salah cause it will be problem to get out in any direction.

no problems with police,if asking just tell that your group is waiting for you on the end oh this way etc. nobody can check this.

i ride through algieria el oued- tamanrasset and back.

best regards
Grzegorz Zajac

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