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Roy&Doede 26 May 2002 18:35

No Diesel?!
Hi there!

From everything we read and hear, we thought it would be best to buy a diesel and drive to Benin and sell it. Not in the last place because of the availability of diesel in the Sahara. This weekend an article in NRC Handelsblad (prominent Dutch newspaper) tells us otherwise. HELP!

******* English below******

Bijna alle oude auto's die naar Benin worden verscheept, rijden op benzine. Diesel gebruikt bijna niemand. Diesel is weliswaar zuiniger, maar dieselmotoren hebben het nadeel dat ze ingewikkeld in elkaar zitten. Een storing in een benzinemotor is doorgaans redelijk eenvoudig te verhelpen, een storing in een dieselmotor vereist specialistische kennis. Prijsverschil is er niet, benzine en diesel zijn in Benin even duur.

Nearly all the old cars exported to Benin have petrol engines. Hardly anybody uses diesel engines. Even though diesel engines are more economic, they have the disadvantage that they are quite complicated. A malfunction in a petrol engine is pretty easy to fix, most of the time. A malfunction in a diesel however demands specialised knowledge. There is no price difference; petrol and diesel in Benin sell at the same price.

Source: NRC Handelsblad 24 mei 2002 by Gerbert van der Aa http://www.nrc.nl/geld/1022217404003.html

posted by Roy & Doede
travelling from Amsterdam to Benin in July and August 2002

Kevin 3 Jun 2002 18:18

I think it depends on what kind of car you bring down. If you bring a van I would definitly buy a diesel, if you want to buy a car then you should decide yourself. It is true that in Benin the petrol is cheap, also because huge amounts are smuggled across the border from Nigeria. You will also have to cover the extra costs of getting the petrol car to Benin as against a diesel. I would say that your route is approximatly 10,000km, so take this into consideration.

You should also consider the possibility of having to sell the car en route because of various problems that you may have.

I also don't agree with the comment that a petrol engine is easier to fix than a diesel, but thats my own personal opinion.

Roy&Doede 3 Jun 2002 21:12

Hi there Kevin!

Thank you for your reply. We actually bought a van this weekend. An extended Mercedes 207D. It's huge, a bit rusty but a fine engine. We'll put a picture on our website soon. We leave June 24th. Thanks again for helping us!

posted by Roy & Doede
travelling from Amsterdam to Benin in July and August 2002

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