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KevinMc 24 Feb 2004 04:48

Niger attack- ? Algerian group again?
There is some early news of an attack by about 50 armed men on a French tourist group in northern Niger on Feb. 22. I have this only by e-mail message. Does anyone else have news from a wire service?

Budrinna 24 Feb 2004 13:38

..There is some early news of an attack by French tourist group in northern Niger..?[][/QUOTE]
Not sure but may be this new could be refered to the italian peoples first kidnapped and after stolen of everythings in the border zone Burkina Faso / Niger .
Hope so and not a new one !

witt 24 Feb 2004 22:18

We are planning to cross through Southern Niger, into chad, then down to cameroon in a few weks time. Can anyone provide or link to more information about either of these incidents?


roro 25 Feb 2004 14:19

I have seen these infos (on the french site "Sahariens" + "Yahoo" )from a tourist in Agadez now : french tourists had been attacked by 50 GSPC (supposed) members in Northern Air ( Temet/Iferouane ) plus another attack at Algerian/Nigerian border post .
This french tourist asked for infos at Police in Agadez who confirmed the attack and said that army had been sent to this area .

ursula 27 Feb 2004 00:11

confirmed by the french governement:

L'agression de trois groupes de touristes le 22 février 2004 le long de la bordure est du Massif de l'Aïr par une cinquantaine d'éléments armés et dangereux met en évidence la grande mobilité des bandes armées et le danger qu'elles peuvent représenter.

Dans ce contexte, il est déconseillé de se rendre d'une part, dans la partie de l'Azawagh nigérien comprise entre la frontière malienne et une ligne allant de Tahoua à Ingall jusqu'à la frontière algérienne et d'autre part, dans l'est du Massif de l'Aïr et au nord d'Iferouane jusqu'à la frontière algérienne.


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