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exrm193 21 Jul 2008 23:20

Morocco...What time of year.....
Should we go???

We were thinking September next year???

What about August??? Too hot??

Ramadan finishes 19th Sept....is this too late to go??

edteamslr 22 Jul 2008 09:50

Depends where you're heading. From a cultural perspective, it pays not to walk around eating or drinking during Ramadan. Touristy parts are open with restaurants to feed the foreigners but hungry locals 'may' give you a hard time if they see you eating, especially further from the beaten track. Next time I'll leave Morocco until outside Ramadan, to see if it's any different.

At sea level in Western Sahara it wan't too hot in late September nor was it cool in the Atlas mountains then either.

Matt Cartney 22 Jul 2008 10:05

I'd say August would be uncomfortably hot away from the coast. Have been to the coast in August and it was OK, but a bit too hot. February was still too cold high up. April, was just right. Blimey, I sound like Goldilocks...

Matt :)

Sime66 22 Jul 2008 10:30

I went in October (north to south) and it was nice 'n' warm everywhere except up the mountains - cool at night.
Unfortunately I went during Ramadan by mistake - all the bars were shut (except amazingly expensive big hotels). Sounds like you wouldn't have that problem this year.

Tim Cullis 22 Jul 2008 11:12

It's a big country with several climatic zones and not particularly predictable weather, so it's difficult to generalise. For example, October 2007 it was 43c south of the Atlas, whereas Apr/May 2008 (normally the best time to visit) was quite cool and rainy in the north. Jan/Feb is usually warm and sunny in the middle of the day, but overnight temperatures can drop to near freezing.

It's also important to realise that much of the country is above 3000' asl. The first French governor of Morocco described it as a 'cold country with a hot sun' and he was right--if there's no sun, it can be a chilly place.

Suprisingly, heat is easier to deal with than cold/rain. In extreme heat you just change your routine--rise pre-dawn, get on the road at first light, and around 2pm find somewhere with a pool to stop overnight (and drink 3+ litres of water per day).

August will normally be very hot everywhere. Post 19 Sep will likely still be hot.


Sjoerd Bakker 22 Jul 2008 16:31

August should be no problem. In '06 I did a loop down along the Atlantic coast, inland to Marrakech, north through Fes and the Rif Mts back to the Mediterranean coast and Ceuta. Lovely weather all about, nice and toasty 41C in Marrakech but that just added to the pleasure, not detract.In the mountains it was super ideal ,sunny,dry mild to warm.And this was supposedly the hottests part of the year- sure beats chilly cold winter-like weather. The whole trip I was constantly struck by its landscape and climate similarity to Mexico .Also, my michelin map showed lots of mountain passes which could have snow during much of te winter, to be avoided if at all possible.And avoid the sanctimonious season, why should you suffer because of other folks' habits.

uk_vette 13 Aug 2008 21:35


Originally Posted by exrm193 (Post 199492)
Should we go???

We were thinking September next year???

What about August??? Too hot??

Ramadan finishes 19th Sept....is this too late to go??


Sorry you are not right. At least if you are talking 2008.
Ramadan 2008 starts Monday September 1st and is 30 days.
Celebrated from the day before which will be Sunday night.

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