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MarcusN 15 Aug 2001 20:12

Morocco - trekking in the High Atlas

I'm planning a week's trekking in September in the High Atlas mountains, starting with a climb up Jbel Toubkal and then a circuit from Imlil to Lac D'Ifni, Amsouzerte, Tacheddirt and back to Imlil.

I am planning on carrying my gear and finding my own way rather than hiring a muleteer and a guide (it's not the money - I want the challenge) but I am wondering if this is practical. My main concerns are:

1. What temperature is it likely to be at night? I am trying to minimise weight so I would rather not take my 4 season sleeping bag if it isn't necessary.

2. I have heard that 1:50,000 maps are available in Imlil. Is it realistic to expect to be able to follow these maps (with the aid of passers-by if necessary) or are the routes so intricate that you really need a guide? Is a guide also necessary for finding water?

3. I have a gas cartridage stove but I don't expect to be able to buy cartridgres in Marakesh. Any recommendations as to the best stove to buy?

I would really appreciate answers to any of the above and any other tips for camping in the High Atlas.

Many thanks.


LizW 17 Aug 2001 22:39

Have you tried posting this on the Lonely Planet web-site?

james stephenson 28 Aug 2001 23:04


For cooking, light weight gas stoves are convenient, except of course when you run out of gas and that's it. Unlikely to be any supplies where you are going.

Consider MSR Dragonfly petrol trekking stove.
Sure, you have to carry fuel in safety bottles, but you are more likely to be able to buy fuel as you go.
Also, Dragonfly can use diesel as a backup fuel...

Before you go, test out how much fuel you use, say boiling a litre of water or cooking the sort of meal you might use out there.
Consider effects of altitude and ambilent temperature etc to estimate how long fuel might last.

Obviously, you cannot take petrol or gas when flying in to the region..!
Unleaded petrol may be difficult to get, but diesel should be available.
May need to negotiate to buy small quantities required.
If using diesel, may be worth buying field spares kit specific to the Dragonfly model if it contains spare needle jet which will become blocked much more quickly due to diesel burning dirty compared to petrol...

Good luck...
James Stephenson

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