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orrin 2 Oct 2007 13:00

Morocco..Odd question please?
Good Day
I am doing the UK-SA trip.(solo) The thing is that my girlfriend wants to fly to, and meet me in Morocco for +/- 7 days. The problem is that my bike is full of crap so no space for two up.
Any ideas on where would be a good base for day trips, or a good circle route? A whole change of thinking??
God help me if I dont get this right...

RussellT 2 Oct 2007 16:39

Morrocco Odd question

I would suggest you stay at the bikershome ,I cant recomend it enough and I am sure your girlfriend will like it , you can unload your stuff and theres a lot to see and do in the surrounding area or hire a cheap car .


Dakota 2 Oct 2007 16:56

Tim Culllis also recommended Peter at Bikershome to me a while ago. I understand they also have bikes for hire if your girlfriend wants to ride when she's out there.

deandean 2 Oct 2007 17:55

I have heard good reports about Bikers home too.Its south of Marakech in a town called Quarzazate.....thats a good base to do a ring route through the Tizi n Tichka and the Tizi n Test passes....you could even get as far west as Essaouira on the coast with about 7 days.
Good luck with the rest of the trip.

XT GIRL 3 Oct 2007 01:43

Hey Orrin - we're planning the same kinda thing - only I'm going solo and HUBBY is meeting me in strategic places! I'd love to hear how you get on... how long have you set aside for your trip?

BTW - orrin is quite an unusual name - do I know you? Bulldogbash with Tanya?

dommiek 4 Oct 2007 04:37

Bikers Home
Hi Orrin

I have travelled in Morocco the last two winters and recommend you stay with Peter and his wife at the bikers home. I stayed there for one night in March on the way back to Marrakech. Ouarzazate is a large town and a gateway to the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains. There is plenty to do there ! There are flights from France direct to Ouarzazate or local flights from Marrakech. Alternativly Marrakech to Ouarzazate by road ( bike ) is about 4 hours, allow more time in a taxi or bus.....

have fun


levitan 13 Oct 2007 14:40


We've spent a fair amount of time at the Bikershome, earlier this year especially when one of our bikes was off the road for a few weeks.

If you follow the link to our site below, you should be able to find some pics of the place too, if you haven't already seen enough on www.bikershome.net

As with all the other posters, I can only praise Peter and Zineb. The food is the best we had in Morocco, and always more than you can possibly eat. Peter is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to roads and pistes around the area, as well as providing interesting conversation over dinner! You'll find it hard not to fall in love with their 2 yr old daughter Selma too, definitely the star of the show.

If you get there, say hi for us, it feels like our second home!

Bertrand 16 Oct 2007 10:08

for a quiet romantic time in cosy comfort with great hosts, why not consider staying at Fort Boujerif?
It's 'off road' for about 15kms then you stumble on it in what appears to be the middle of nowehere!
Of course, a bit tricky to get to if there really is nowhere for your lady to sit.

Great food, Pierre and his wife will welcome you and offer you plenty of choices of accom from a Touareg tent (or your own) to a super comfy room.
Great tagines there and a huge beach to go and play on.:thumbup1: all away from the hussle and bussle which does make a change out there

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