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jake11 15 Aug 2002 20:15

money and how to carry it
hi everyone

i want to sort out what money to take with me on my trip to nigeria-benin-niger-algeria-tunisia and hopefully some one can help me.

i will be travelling for 6 weeks using public transport. here is my plan at this stage, please comment:
nigeria (transit only) : US$ cash
benin (about 1 week) : euro cash, (euro travellers cheques ok too?)
niger (about 2 weeks) : euro cash
algeria (about 2 weeks): US$ cash, us$ trav cheq (change in tam possible?)
tunisia (about 1 week) : maestro card

i would prefer information from people who have experience in these countries in 2002 (ie after euro introduction). please tell me when you were there when if you post a reply.

ALSO, is it better to take big notes ie US50, US100 or small notes?

thank you very much


Alistair 16 Aug 2002 06:50

For Niger you are spot on for Euros. Cash is fine, but travellers cheques in Euros were also easy to change in Agadez, with a very reasonable flat 2% commission, no matter how much you changed. The service at the bank in Agadez was fast and painless.

Euro travellers cheques could also be changed in Niamey, but at the time I was there (January 2002), there were very long queues in the bank, and there were limits on the amount you could change. (500Euros ?)

Toby 17 Aug 2002 14:49

On the subject of note size. Money changers usually prefer the $50 or $100, though some refuse these as if the turn out to be duds they loose out.They also seem to be fussy on the dates of the notes, prefering younger ones. I suggest you split your funds, cards and cheques into at least two wallets whatever. Toby

Kevin 17 Aug 2002 23:38

You can use Euro cash and Travellers Cheques on the whole trip, at least in Algeria they are definetly favoured over dollars (Janurary and May this year).

I havent been to Nigeria since the Euro conversion but I understand they are accepted there as readily as the Dollar. Travellers Cheques are usually possible in every capital city and in big tourist towns along the route.

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